Hi!  I'm Deana, a "product junkie" from Boston with a slight addiction to coffee, Sephora and General Hospital.  (in no particular order)

This is a blog about makeup and life's other necessities.   I'm not a makeup artist, an esthetician, or a stylist . . . I just really really like stuff and more than that, I like talking about it.

When not blogging (or shopping) I work in non-profit financial services. 


Tesori Belle uses a mix of original photos, stock photos and images from other sites.  I will always link photos that are not my own back to their original sources.  You are welcome to use any original photos found on Tesori Belle; however please link back to my blog as all original photos are copyrighted.   

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  1. D-
    It's been a while since I've checked out your blog.
    I have to say I am super impressed, Great job!
    I will be visiting much more often..


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