Monday, January 25, 2016

Brand Spotlight: belif

Disclaimer:  All products mentioned were purchased by me with my own funds.  All opinions expressed are my own

Every once in a while I find a brand that I become absolutely obsessed with.  One of those brands has been the Korean skincare brand belif. belif combines herbal apothecary traditions with modern Korean skin science. I have only tried three of their products but I love everything I have used and am eager to try more.  

Cleansing Herb Water easily removes makeup and leaves skin soothed, fresh, and deep cleansed. This moisture-rich formula contains tri-herb tea complex;  Saint John's Wort to keep skin healthy looking and clear; Burdock to leave skin soft and supple; and Dill to sooth and calm skin. It is formulated for even the most sensitive skin types, refreshing the skin without leaving an oily residue.

I am on my second bottle of this cleansing water.  First of all, it smells AMAZING!  I like to use a cleansing water in the morning in lieu of a traditional cleanser.  This removes any dirt that may have settled on my face during the night, without drying out my skin.  I find it so calming and it also leaves my skin super soft.  This is by far one of my favorite cleansing waters.  

Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner is a botanical toner with a unique gel-liquid formula that’s designed to hydrate and balance normal to oily skin to create an even and deeply moisturized complexion after cleansing. Formulated with bergamot, to balance and sooth, and sage, a natural antioxidant that leaves skin even and deeply hydrated. 

I have been a little obsessed with toners lately.  I'm not sure why, but I find myself with about 4 different toners in my  collection.  I like this because it is a little thicker than other toners; it has a gel-like consistency that you can just press into your skin with your fingers/hands.  It absorbs well into my skin.  It doesn't dry me out and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is designed for normal to dry skin types to provide the skin with intense hydration, leaving it supple, smooth, and deeply nourished for up to 26 hours. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including comfrey leaf, which detoxifies skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and clear  The cushiony cream format is designed to 'burst' when applied, releasing a flood of moisture onto skin, and then absorb completely without stickiness for a healthy, smooth, supple appearance. 

I received this in a Play! by Sephora box (deluxe sample size pictured) and was a little scared at first because of the color (it is blue).  I immediately fell in love with it.  It is not super thick  and absorbs really well.  I can use it in the morning and not have to wait before applying my make-up.  It also leaves my skin super soft and moisturized.  Because it is lightweight yet very hydrating it would be great all year long.

belif is sold exclusively at Sephora and in the US.

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Disclaimer:  All products mentioned were purchased by me with my own funds.  All opinions expressed are my own

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