Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Wants

I am feeling a bit daring today and mixing things up.  I'm moving Sunday Lusts to Wednesday for this week.  I know; living life dangerously, right?!?  

Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Compact Mirror, Sephora Collection - How gorgeous is this mirror?  This is just the first item released from the Alexia Bittar for Sephora collection.  I'm pretty sure the entire collection is going to be on the top of my holiday wish list!

Cleopatra Eau De Parfum, Tocca Beauty - I have loved Tocca's Stella for years now but I have recently discovered Cleopatra and am not obsessed. With notes of grapefruit and cucumber, I am sold!

2015 Simplified Planner, Emily Ley - When it comes to calendars, I am a pen and paper girl. I have been using the Day Designer by Whitney English all year and can't imagine life without it.  While I love the planner so much, I find myself not fully utilizing many of the features, so next year I'm pretty certain the Simplified Planner will be on my desk.

Small Sac De Jour, Saint Laurent - I love love love this bag.  I may have expressed my love for it before but I need to reiterate. And after watching Manzod with Children Sunday Night and drooling over Lauren's red Celine Luggage tote, I really want a red bag.  I obviously wouldn't object the the Celine tote either.

Amazon Necklace, Coordinates Collection - I really love these necklaces.  They would be a fantastic gift for someone and I just think they would be super cute with the coordinates of your favorite place or the house you grew up in.

iPhone 6 plus, Apple - Even though my iPhone 5S is no more than 6 months old, I am counting down the days until I can get the 6 plus.  Most of my talk time is in the car on bluetooth so the bigger size would be ideal for everything else . . . you know the important stuff like iMessage and instagram and email and 2048.

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