Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shopping Haul

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me using my own funds.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I have done a bit of shopping over the last week or so.  I got a bunch of stuff that I am super excited about so I really wanted to share it with all of you.  I ordered a few things from Sleek Make Up, went to Walgreens a couple of times, picked up a few things from Ulta and then stopped into both Benefit and Sephora.

Sleek Makeup is not sold in US stores.  I bought a blush from Amazon last year and really wanted to try a contour palette and their new Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks.  Their stuff is relatively inexpensive and a pretty good quality so I will probably definitely be ordering again.  I bought three items this time around.

Face Form Palette in Light, $14.99 - I ordered this because I really love the idea of contour palette and just having one item to grab for bronzer, highlight and blush.  I got this in light because I wanted a very subtle bronzer and I thought the blush would be very natural.  I do wish the blush was slightly more pigmented but it is beautiful non the less.

Matte Me in Party Pink, $7.49 - I have been dying for Lime Crime's Velvetine in Suedeberry but it has been sold out just about everywhere.  When searching for a dupe I heard that this was a decent one so I picked it up.

Blush in Coral, $6.99 - One of my all time favorite blushes is Benefit's Coralista, but I am pretty much done with my pan.  I thought I would pick this up to see how it holds up so we will see. 

There is a large Walgreen's in Downtown Crossing.  They sell down higher end brands there so when I had to go downtown last weekend I popped in.  I was kind of in drugstore heaven but I stopped myself from buying out everything.  

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector Daily Eye Roller, $13.49 - The Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller is one of my favorite under eye concealers.  When I saw this BB eye roller I thought I would pick it up to see how it compares.  The texture seems a little thicker and less runny then the Skin Renew one.

New Essential Lipgloss in Vienna, Cargo Cosmetics, $16 - I haven't used Cargo in a million years.  This is a pretty sheer pink just giving enough gloss and a tiny dose of color so it will be great for everyday.

Brow Groomer Scissor & Comb, Japonesque, $18 - I wanted a pair of these to groom my brows.

Dry Shampoo with Nettle 2 pack, Klorane, $29.25 - This is my favorite dry shampoo.  It is the only dry shampoo that I have tried that doesn't irritate my scalp.  It is a little pricey so when I saw this double pack, buy one get one half off, I had to pick it up.

I went into Ulta on a whim, which is usually a bad thing because I end up buying more than I wanted to.  That was the case at Ulta

Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Magenta, $7.99 - I can not find the link for these online, so they may be new.  I love matte lipsticks.  Matte's are the only colors I have been wearing lately.  This is a really pretty magenta. It's bright but not too bright.  

Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush, Urban Decay, $20 - I am not crazy about any of the Naked Palettes.  I think I may be the only person in the world who does not like them.  One thing I do like, however, is the brush that came in the Naked 2 palette and use that regularly. When I saw this, I was really interested in trying it because it reminds me of the Naked 2 brush but with flatter bristles so I thought I would give me more control over my eye color.

Simply Nude Lip Cream in Exposed, NYX Cosmetics, $6.50 - I love lip pencils but didn't have any nudes.  In fact, I do't have many, if any, nudes lip colors so I thought I would give this a try.

Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask, The Body Shop, $2.50 each - This is a repurchase.  I bought one of these a while back and recently tried it and really really liked it so I bought 4 more.  These are just the single use packets but I will probably eventually buy the full size mask next time I am in the Body Shop.

CC+ Radiance Palette, IT Cosmetics, $38 - I had my eye on this for a while.  I really like all in one contour, face color palettes and

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul, Prague, and Addis Ababa, NYX Cosmetics, $5.99 - I really love these matte lip creams.  I have a couple already so I picked up three more colors.  I really love the formula of these.

One Hot Minute, Benefit Cosmetics, $38 - I wandered into a Benefit Cosmetic shop and spotted this.  I was in the market for a new bronzer and hand't heard of this.  I kind of got this on a whim.  It is a little shimmery but I think it would be great for a night out.

This was a monumental moment for me.  I went into Sephora and only got one thing.  The day should go down in history books.  

beautyblender micro.mini, beautyblender, $17.95 - I don't know how practical these are but they are just so cute,  I have been using a makeup brush to apply my foundation but still reach for a beauty blender to blend out my under eye concealer. I thought these would be great for that, so I'll see how these work.  

I made one more trip to Walgreens.  Even though I did not need one more thing after this haul, I still managed to pick up a few items. 

Brighten Dark Circle Gel Eye Masks, Miss Spa, $7.99 - Like most women, I am always looking for something to treat dark under eye circles. I picked these up on a whim and don't have huge hopes for them.  I haven't opened the pack but I am assuming they are the typically sticky backed patches.  Those tend to irritate me more than anything so I am not sure why I even got these.  I bought them so I will try them, but I'm not super exited.

Baked Powder Blush in Bella Rosa, Milani, $7.99 - I like brighter pink blushes in the cooler months.  This is super bright so I imagine I will need to use a very light hand with this.

Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Champagne, Milani, $3.99 - I already have one of these eyeshadows in another color and really really like it.  The formula is great and it lasts so I thought I'd pick up another.

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Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me using my own funds.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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