Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Lusts

Currency Case, Smythson - I can not have enough pouches.  I have a pouch of just about everything.  I love that this currency case has four different compartments for either different denominations of bills or to separate out receipts and coupons and other papers.

Even Skintone Set, Estee Lauder - I am always looking for new products to even out my skin tone and this is a great set to try out a few different Estee Lauder products.

Burnout Dot Tee, Gap - This color is perfect for the summer and I really love the burnout design.

Skull Candle, Zara Home - I find skulls to be so beautiful and love the cute little lizards on top.  I hate decorative candles that go unlit, but I don't if I would be able to burn this. 

Birds of Paradise Ballet Flats, TOMS - I love my TOMS.  They are super comfortable and just so easy to throw on.  I already have one pair of their ballet flats and get so much use of them.  I love the Birds of Paradise pattern of these. 

POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment, GLAMGLOW - I am obsessed with GLAMGLOW and have all three of their face masks.  This cleansing treatment is a weekly deep cleanse for your face.  I think it would be a perfect weekend treatment.

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