Friday, June 6, 2014

Perlier Honey Royal Elixir

Disclaimer: Product provided for purpose of review.  All options expressed are my own.

I was recently sent the Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum to review.  I have tried a couple other products from Perlier in the past and really enjoy them (see posts here and here) plus, I'm always looking for a good serum, so I was super excited to try this out. 

This product is said to be a youth serum with fresh royal jelly, the secret to the longevity of the Queen bee, which lives 50 times longer that then other bees. It mixes the regenerating power of the Royal Jelly and the vital energy of true Italian organic honey for age-defying effectiveness. 

According to Perlier, this product:
*Optimizes the vital functions of the skin while also optimizing cell renewal.
*Provides for the right atmosphere for the optimization of the production of collagen, which helps in making the skin look less wrinkled and more compact.
*Gives the skin that immediate energized feeling and look and helps to alleviate your signs of tiredness.
*Gives your face new brightness, brilliance, splendor and true rejuvenate look.  
*Results are that the skin has the appearance of renewal day after day, wrinkles look relaxed, tissue looks more elastic and healthier. 

The directions of this product indicate to use it twice a day (morning and night) on clean skin.  It has a pleasant scent.  One of the first ingredients is rose water so it has a nice subtle rose scent, which is not at all over powering. The serum contains light reflecting "micro-pearls" which I must admit was a little off putting to me.  Because of that, I choose not to use it at night.  It just seemed weird to have a slight sparkle on my face to go to bed so I stuck with my regular night time serum and used this only in the morning.

The light reflectors proved to be quite beneficial during the day.  When using this serum, it really made my skin glow under my makeup.  In addition, my skin was softer and appeared to be firmer and I like to think, a little more youthful.

Perlier Honey Royal Gold Elixir can be purchase on HSN for $99.00.  

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Disclaimer: Product provided for purpose of review.  All options expressed are my own.

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  1. This sounds quite lovely! I've watched Perlier on HSN many times but never purchased anything before. This serum looks promising though... and I really love the packaging. :)

    xo Always, Abby


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