Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's on my desk

One of my favorites blog posts to read is a "Whats in my bag."  Second to that is a "Whats on my desk"  Since I just recently created a work nook in a corner of my mudroom, I thought it would be fun to show you what I have on my desk.

My desk/table is from IKEA. Its the 47" inch LINNMON Table top in birch effect.  I then paired it with the NIPEN table legs in white.  I like this system a lot.  You can pick and choose a variety of finishes and sizes and table legs.  I did not opt for the attached storage system, but you can also substitute out the legs on one side for the Alex Draw Unit or Alex Storage Unit.  (Not Shown in photos, but I am using the BORJE Chair as my desk chair)

The main component of my desk is my laptop.  I have the Macbook Pro 13".  I love this laptop because its super portable.  Sometimes I do wish I got the Macbook Air, but this still pretty light so I can travel easily with it and bring it back and forth to work if I want to.  I also like that the Pro has a card reader, which the Air does not.  Using a Mac, I can sync it to my iCloud and get all my photos, contacts, and calendars from my iPhone and iPad.

I have a few notebooks that I keep on one side of my desk.  The bottom book is the Lily Pulitzer 2014  17 Month Large Agenda in First Impressions Print.  Over that, I have a notebook from Crystal Faye.  You can't see it in the photo, but it says Eat Blog Love.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen it at some point.   Then over that notebook, I have two notebooks (this and this) from B is for Bonnie Designs.  

Also on that little corner of my desk, is my cell phone (the iPhone 5S in a case from elago), my wallet (just because I was making travel arrangements for work and needed my cc) and a few lip glosses I just got and was photographing.

On the far left hand corner, I have a mirror from IKEA, and a used Diptyque candle cup filled with caramels.

This little white tray is from poppin.   I probably have about 4 of them in total.  They are super cheap ($9 a piece) and a great size to store items.  I am absolutely obsessed with poppin's desk accessories.    On the tray, I have a little trinket box from Target and a mercury glass jar that used to have the Volcano Candle from Capri Blue (my favorite!) in it.

The Blood Orange Mojito candle from Target smells amazing!  It is a great scent for summer and I am kind of addicted to blood orange scents.

On the far right hand corner, I have another tray (from Target) with another trinket box, my business cards, and a mercury glass cup filled with Le Pens and a pair of scissors from Poppin. I then have a Nate Berkus letter sorter, and this gold cosmetic case from Folli Follie that I store my camera in.

This trinket box stores paperclips, binder clips and other small odds and ends.  

I love this weekly list/calendar notepad (similar) because it doubles as a mousepad and I can keep my to-dos out on my desk.

My desk doesn't have under storage/drawers, so I got this cart from Ikea.  I keep it under the window to the right of my desk.  On the top section I have my stapler and tape dispenser (both from Poppin) note cards in a sequined case and an old Glossy Box from last year that was a special edition collaboration with Dallas Shaw. 

And congratulations to the winner of the Derma MD Skincare giveaway, Semirah Dolan!  Your goodies are on their way!

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  1. I love this idea! When my Baies candle burns out, I'm putting perfume samples. Caramels would be too tempting! ;) May do my own show-off-your-desk post now!
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest


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