Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Favorite Etsy Finds

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I am not being compensation by Etsy or any of the shops mentioned.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I am obsessed with Etsy.  I have been shopping on the site for years.  Not only is it a great resource for unusual and rare items (which I love!) but it is also a great avenue for anyone with a talent or craft to sell their products online.  And above anything, I love supporting small/home businesses.  

I have been perusing Etsy on just about the daily basis lately.  I am constantly adding items to my favorites, but here are some of my favorites shops and products!

Items listed below - Left to Right, Top to Bottom

PrettyLittleThings - I love anything that glitters, and I also LOVE coffee, which is why I love these Starbucks Glitter Mugs so much!

ShopMCBL - I have mentioned this shop in the past as I have recently purchased one of her prints.  It is a relatively new shop, but everything is just gorgeous and I already have about 5 prints saved to my favorites including Designer Tote with Spring Blossoms

PearlsandPastries - I am not sure I would actually want to hide my clothes away in the closet if they were hung on these hangers but I am  pretty sure I need them anyway. ORIGINAL Pink Silver and Gold Sequin Hanger;  

RitzyMisfit - One of my very first Etsy purchases was a RitzyMisfit wax seal necklace and I still wear it.  Now that they come in gold, I may have to order another! Gold painted monogram Wax Seal necklace;

BeanBeanCase - Its no lie, I am obsessed with phone cases.  I am kind of on the hunt for a clear thin case, and think the Flower Rose Transparent iPhone Case will add just the right about of flare.

HometoHomeDecor - I love containers in general and mason jars are kind of the holy grail container for me. The love the different jars Megan has in her shop, especially the Mercury Glass Finish Mason Jars

HustleMama - More mason jars . . . I know!  I actually use the wide mouth jars as drinking glasses.  They are super durable and I was able to purchase some plastic reusable covers from Amazon so I can store any left over iced tea or coffee in the fridge.  These mugs from HustleMama are perfect to take any beverage on the go.  I especially love the Dashing Dots Tumbler Mug.  

ShopMugShot - I don't really think this needs any explanation . . . its gold, its glitter; Enough said! Champagne Gole Glitter MacBook Case;  

storiarts - I love scarves.  I also love when you kind of have to look closely at something to know what it is.  These seller use text from classic books to design scarves and other items.  I'm partial to the Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf because it was my favorite book in high school.

WhitneyEnglish - If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen my Whitney English Day Designer a million times.  I am happy to report, the 2015 Day Designer is now available for preorder.

What are some of your favorite finds on Etsy?  

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Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I am not being compensation by Etsy or any of the shops mentioned.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Great picks! Love the planner might need to order one of those for myself :)


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