Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eve Lom Kiss Mix

It is impossible for me to buy gifts for anyone without picking up something for myself.  So last month when I was buying product to fill a Christmas stocking for my sister, I ended up getting myself duplicates of most of the items.  One of those products was Eve Lom's Kiss Mix.  

I am always looking to try new lip balms.  My lips gets super dry and I find a lot of balms just dry me out even more when used regularly.  Because of this, balms usually end up being a trial and error for me, but when I find a product that gives me both instant and long lastly relief it is gold.

I first heard of Eve Lom for their cleansing balm, which is said to be among the best.  While I haven't been able to justify the balm's $80 price tag, I did recently try their Dynaspot spot treatment and really enjoyed it.  When I found Kiss Mix on Space.NK's website, I figured I would give it a shot.  

At first I didn't know if I would like this product.  It was a smidge difficult to get enough product on my finger to apply to my lips.  After some warming, it did soften up, however you don't really need too much product to do the job.

I can only describe the texture as the gooey melted mint that you find inside a Junior Mint.  However, its not the least bit sticky and just melts into your lips leaving them soft.  Unlike a lot of other lip balms, I find myself only needing to apply this about once a day.

This is probably one of the better lip balms that I have used.  Like I mentioned, I only need to apply it once  day and it leaves my lips soft and moisturized.  I have used it for about a month now and have not experienced any drying.  

Kiss Mix contains Zinc oxide, which is a natural sunscreen and encourages healing.  It also contains menthol which gives your lips a cooling/tingly feeling. 

Eve Lom Kiss Mix retails for $22 for .24 fl oz jar.  Space.NK is currently selling the Kiss Mix Star on their website for just $11! It is the same size jar, but packaged in a gold star for the holidays.  Because it is holiday packaging, I am not sure how fast it will sell out, but I know I am going to stock up! (If you want the reduced price/sale product, make sure your purchase the Kiss Mix Star and not the regular Kiss Mix.)

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