Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Techies

Every family has one; that gadget guru that you call upon with any technology question.  In my family, it is my sister, so naturally I asked her what "techie" gifts would be on her list. She sent me a list of over 20 items, but I had to edit it down slightly.  Here are some of her picks (and mine) for those technology enthusiasts on your list. 
1.  Coach Legacy Mirror Metallic Phone Wristlet ($58.00) - Available in gunmetal and rose gold, this wristlet has room for all your essentials.  It has three card slots and a roomy pocket that fits most smartphones.  These wallets are fantastic for the girl on the go!

2. UP by Jawbone Wristband ($179.99) - These are a great gift for the tech junkie, health nut, or just anyone with a smart phone. Designed to be worn 24/7 with up to 10 days of battery life, it tracks your sleep (total hours, light vs. deep, length of time to fall asleep) and activity (steps, distance, calories burned, time spent active vs. idle), and can be used to log what you eat. (free mobile app required)  Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors, it is sure to help keep those new years resolutions.

3. Kindle ($69.00) - Weighing less than 6 oz it holds over 1,000 books,  is lighter than a paperback and  fits in your pocket.  It also supports children's books and includes parental controls.  On the Kindle, you can borrow books from your local library.  And, if your techie has Amazon Prime, they can choose from hundreds of thousands of books to borrow for free with no due dates, including over 100 current and former New York Times best sellers and all 7 Harry Potter books.

4.  Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner ($59.00) - Have you ever found old 35 mm film negatives at home and wanted to convert them to digital?  With this film scanner, you can give your favorite gadget enthusiast the ability to scan and share pics instantly with their smartphone.

5.  Samsung Chromebook ($249.99) - The Chromebook is sleek, portable, and affordable.  It comes comes Google product, like Search, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts, and if your loved one is a frequent traveler, they can get online at 10,000 feet with free Gogo in-air internet passes. The Chrombook comes with 12 free passes (estimated $150 value) that can be used within 2 years on domestic US flights.

6.  Frends with Benefits Taylor/Rebecca Minkoff Headphones  ($249.95) - I have two pairs of Frends headphones now and I am absolutely obsessed with them.  This new version of the Taylor Headphones comes with removable caps designed by Rebecca Minkoff, so you can switch out the look of the earpiece.

Alexander Wang Beats Studio Headphones ($449.95) - Monster Beats has also teamed up with a top designer just in time for the holidays.  These limited edition studio headphones feature pale gold accents on a matte black surface.  I am not going to lie; I kind of want them just for the signature embossed glossy stingray case with zipper and clip!

7. Tile ($19.99) - If you have a friend or family member that has ever lost their keys, cellphone, or even purse, you need to get them tile.  It is a tiny plastic disk that you attach, drop or stick to any item that you may lose, and using blue tooth technology, along with the tile app, you can track the item's location when you lose it.  Ingenious, right?!?!?!?!

8.  ETip Glove, The North Face ($45.000) -Unless you are among the small percent of the population that doesn't have a touchscreen, every time you want to make a call in the winter while wearing gloves, you have to pull your gloves off just to dial.  ETip Gloves eliminates that.  They are designed with silicon grippers so you won't drop your phone on the ice, and a special "etip" material that allows you to use those touchscreen keys while keeping your hands toasty.

9. Power Trip iPhone 5 Case and Portable Charger, Kate Spade New York ($120.00) - This plastic rigid designer case doubles as a convenient charger to extend your iPhone's battery life by up to 11 hours.

10. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad ($99.95) - Using bluetooth technology, this slim fitting cases adds a convenient keyboard for the iPad.  It includes an instant on/off to conserve battery power by automatically waking your iPad when you open the cover—and sending it to sleep when you close the cover.

11. 'Rabbit' 4GB Flash Drive Key Chain, Marc by Marc Jacobs ($48.00) - Not only is this so stinking cute, but this keychain can also store up to 4 GB of data.  I love that this a keychain and flash drive in one, so you can bring your data on the go and won't lose your flash drive.

12.  JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker Docking Station ($149.95) - The JBL OnBeat loudspeaker dock delivers realistic, high-output sound from any Apple iOS device. Its universal connector firmly docks your iPad, iPod, or iPhone devices. The connector also lets you rotate your iPod or iPhone, so you can view the screen in portrait or landscape orientation for the best video display.

13. Typo iPhone Keyboard Case ($99.00) - While this is just available for presale, I think it is going to be worth the wait for anyone that has not yet made the jump to a touchscreen phone, or someone that misses that physical keyboard.  I love that the keyboard resembles that of a Blackberry, so it would be perfect for anyone still holding onto a blackberry because "they can't imagine life without that keyboard."

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