Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Finds


Notes from My Closet - I found Rachel's Blog through Instagram, which seems to be where I find 90% of new to me blogs lately.  I loved the minimalistic, simple design of her bedroom in her room tour and have been reading through her blog ever since!

The Kinch Life Blog - (Another blog I found on instagram) Everything about Aubrey's blog is absolutely stunning!  She is a graphic designer and has a ton of freebie wallpapers for your iPhone and desktop!


Is it weird that I have been stalking my own sister's pinterest?  Even at my age I still look to my older sister for style advice, and her pinterest is very pinspiring.  (corny pun?? - check out her pinterest for sources of the images above)

I am sure I have mentioned the Decorista's blog a bagillion times because it is one of my absolute favorites AND her pinterest is just as amazing! 


I have been sucked into the vortex of instagram!  I have been absolutely obsessed and it is quickly becoming my source for EVERYTHING! (by the way - you can follow me here)

Yours_Truly_Sandy - Sandy's instagram has makeup, comics, and just everyday pictures of her life.  She has some great product recommendations.  She also works a Sephora and was kind enough to recently offer some of her followers her friends and family coupon.  (I was lucky enough to score one - Thank you Sandy!)

aslancreampuff - I am not a crazy cat lady, I promise, but I die of cuteness overload every time I look at him.


If this is really the guy whose driveway Youtube "personality" Joey Graceffa blocked and his story is legit, kudos to him for sticking up for himself and being absolutely hilarious!  What is so complicated about not blocking someone's driveway?!?  Its illegal . . . AND RUDE!  You are my hero Nate Clark!

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