Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-Aging Serum

Disclaimer: Product sent to me for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I was recently contacted by Michael Todd True Organics to review a new product that was recently added to their Knu anti-aging facial line.  Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum 
is a skin repair treatment that also aids in the treatment of acne, scarring, and Rosacea. The serum is 70% organic and is gluten free.

KNU serum is a concentrated anti-aging serum made from 70% organic ingredients, including healing aloe vera and anti-oxidant cranberries, green tea and seaweed combined with an advanced proprietary blend of powerful ingredients clinically shown to accelerate repair and heal the skin. It is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging while at the same time providing anti-oxidant protection against future damage. 

Serums are one of those products that I always knew that I should use, but never really bothered much with.  I would receive a sample, use it until it ran out, and then would just stop using one. As I get older, I am starting to realize that the old way of caring for my skin (wash, tone and moisturize) is just not cutting it.  As I have been really into skin care lately and looking for a serum, I was thrilled to try this.

Serums are a vital step in any skin care regimen.  It is a targeted treatment of added nutrients that absorb into the deep layers of your skin that a regular moisturizer simply can't reach.  They intensify the effectiveness of your other products, like a dose of vitamins for your skin.

I apply the serum after washing, toning and applying any spot treatment, allowing each product to dry slightly between steps.  The directions call for 2-4 drop, twice daily.  I usually use just one drop in the morning and 2 drops at night, which is more than enough.  After it dries, I then proceed with my moisturizer (w/ SPF) and, in the morning, my make-up.

This has a very pleasant scent.  It contains aloe vera, cranberries and green tea, and all three are very present in the smell.  The texture is also quite nice and not sticky like other serums.  It feels very smooth and silky as I rub it into my skin and dries well without any residue.

Before using this, I had started to notice some fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth.  Since using the Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum  my skin is a lot more firmer and those lines are hardly visible. My skin overall feels really nice.  

This product does claim to also aid in the treatment of acne, scarring and rosacea.  I can't speak on it treating acne and rosacea as my skin had cleared up prior to using this and I don't have any rosacea.  As far as scarring, it do have some  discoloration from acne and since using this serum, I have noticed many of those spots have lightened.  
Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum  retails for $150 for 1.2 oz (3 months supply) on Michael Todd True Organic's website.  

If an anti-aging serum is not for you, they offer a number of products for different skin types.  If you are new to the line and want to try it out, they even have different discovery kits, which contains a complete 5-piece skin care kit, TSA approved  for carry-on, for under $40. 

Disclaimer: While this product was sent to me at no cost for the purpose of review, all opinions expressed are my own.  

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  1. We are loving this review and just wanted to drop a line to tell you the images are amazing, too!

  2. So lucky to receive one!! I love Michael Todd's products!!! I stayed 2 - 2 1/2 months in the hospital with my daughter. never left. only ate hospital food. not only did i gain weight but out of no where I had really bad acne. I never dealt with acne before. I was 23y/o at the time. It was so bad and I felt so ugly that I would not really leave the house except for appointments. I tried so many different products from walgreens and Walmart. Tried Proactive (that only made it worse). After about a yr or so, finally Michael Todd came into my life. ALot of the red and pink scarring went away. All the acne went away. LOVE LOVE LOVE MT.

  3. I saw a groupon for this product and decided to read this before purchasing! Thanks! Find my blog at www.lovingfiur.com

  4. I saw a groupon for this product and decided to read this before purchasing! Thanks! Find my blog at www.lovingfiur.com

  5. I will give this serum a try - Im always looking for new serums. I have been using Lady Soma Renewal Serum for 6 months now. My skin drank up the Lady Soma serum right away. It is really light serum with great citrus scent. I was afraid that it was gonna give a stingy sth feeling to my face, but not at all. I would alternate between this one and the Lady Soma Serum!

  6. I loved this. Am on my 4th bottle of it. I'm in my early 50's and I have noticed a real difference in firming on my neck and eyelids, as well as the fact that my skin has an overall glow to it that it didn't have before I used this product. Thanks for a great review. LivingSocial runs special deals on this all the time, $25 instead of $150.

  7. Great review! Check out this Knu serum review video. Very soon you will see an amazing offer on the product accessible only through this link: ble http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noCvhHogvzs


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