Thursday, September 19, 2013

24 Hours with iOS 7

I have no patience for anything.  None.  iOS 7 was released and I wanted it and I wanted it immediately.  While there is a whole slew of stuff this update can do, I'm not sharing that.  Frankly because I'm a bit of a technically challenged individual and the fact that I can manage blogger still floors me.  Anyway, I wanted to pop in and share my recent disappointment experience with this update.

iOS 7 looks great. I'm sure it does thousands of millions of fancy things, but mainly I like it because it is iOS dressed up in new duds.  The look and feel of the operating system is very different . . . and I like different.  

I would LOVE iOS7 except for . . . 

Thats right folks, iOS hates me.  I did nothing to it.  I tried to play nice, but it took my iMessage away in the playground and won't give it back! I have researched the sh*t out of it and am hopeless.  I am starting to think we will never be reunited and that make me . . . 

While I continue to figure out what, for the love of sweet jesus, is wrong with my imessaging, I did discover a little tip that I wanted to share with anyone that may have already downloaded the update.

By default, the ability to send a SMS (text message; green) to anyone also on iOS7 is turned off and you will only be able to send an iMessage (blue). This is fine unless the person's iMessage is not working but you may never know. HOWEVER, you can turn SMS back on by going to your messaging settings and selecting "Send as SMS." You'll still send messages as iMessage if available, otherwise it will automatically send as a regular text.  I found this information HERE.

It took me about 24 hours to discover I could actually receive texts.  I was convinced that I would actually have to call and speak to people (YIKES!) and never text again.  I'm so glad that doesn't have to happen!  

My iMessaging is still "waiting for activation," but until then, I don't mind iOS7 that much.

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