Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thirty Dollar Thursday

I hate August and not for any reason except that it means September is on the horizon and the days of summer are fading fast.  Don't get me wrong; I love the fall.  In fact, Autumn is my favorite season.  I just don't want to put away the flip flops and see all my favorite seasonal locals close for 9 months.  I also don't want to accept what is ahead; a long cold wet New England winter. 

But enough about winter.  It's still summer and still time to look the part when you're heading out on a Saturday running errands or grabbing lunch with the girls.  So for that; I bring you the $30 Saturday summer look.

Thirty Dollar Thursday

Jersey Tank Dress, Old Navy - $9.97 (on sale)

Classic Flip Flops, Old Navy - $2.50

Merona Gradient Brown Lens Sunglasses, Target  - $8.48 (on clearance)

Metallic Foil Tote, Target - $8.74 (on clearance)

Infinity Bracelet, etsy - $.20

Total - $29.89

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  1. Lovely blog!
    Follow me via GFC and Bloglovin', let me know that you did that and I follow you back! Kiss xx ♥
    IEVA | AVEILT blog

  2. Love this idea for a series, and such great finds! Can't BELIEVE the price of that adorable bracelet!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

    1. They had a bunch of really cute bracelets. I love etsy!


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