Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Sunday Lust 8.4.2013

Nikon COOLPIX L820 Digital Camera -  My camera is a couple years old now and getting more and more difficult to sync to my macbook (I have to hold the cord in place to uploaded my pictures).  I don't know if I would know how to use a dslr  or want to make that investment just yet, so I am looking at my options.  This is a standard digital, but with a little more bells and whistles than what I have now.  I actually played with this one in Target friday and have been reading about it since and I think it could be my next camera.

Peace Candle, H&M - While I love scented candles, I sometimes just want the glow of a candle.  This is unscented so it won't mix with any other scents I may have going on and it just so darn cute.

Skull Tea Light Holder, H&M - I love tea light holders for so many different things; to hold q-tips, store perfume samples, paperclips, coins . . . just about anything.  And I just love the skull on this.  

Pointed Flat Shot, Zara - While I have a ton of ballet flats, I don't have any flats that I can wear to dress up jeans.  I like the pointed toes on these and the open sides.  I think they would be perfect for early fall. 

Printed Blouse, Old Navy - I have been wearing more and more black tones lately and I think black and white it just so classic and polished. 

Telluride Glow Set, Bobbi Brown - I like that this bronzer it a little more pink toned, and the eye shadows are definitely right up my alley.

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  1. That Bobbi Brown eye palette is crazy pretty! And I saw those Zara heels online yesterday and I couldn't believe they were only $36! They look expensive!

    1. For only $36, I am sure I will be ordering them in the coming weeks!

  2. The candles are so pretty! :) I'm sure they smell great too. I just started a fashion blog recently and would love for you to check it out. Follow for a follow on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow back xx


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