Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Dream Home Office

I am a little obsessed with office supplies and work spaces.  For some reason I have always been.  I think a well decorated space that reflects one's personal style calls for extra productively.  While I do have my own office at work I am limited with how I can decorate, so I long for my own personal home office that I can keep as I choose.

This is how I would decorate my dream home office.

Dream Office

There are certain pieces that are essentials in any office.  A guest chair and bookshelf don't need to fade into the background.  I like the idea of a big comfy chair to not only seat a guest, but to curl up on to either read or for a causal/relaxed workplace.  

The gold side table ties into the other gold accents of the room, and not only serves as a spot to a cup of coffee, but as a decorative accent either on its own or for a vase of bright florals.   And whenever I envision my dream office, I picture purple walls.

I love framed artwork.   Because I like to change this up every once in a while, investing in a great frame and switching out an inexpensive print is an great option.   IKEA has some fantastic prints, or you can even print an image from pinterest.  I also think mirrors are a great option to decorate any space. They serve multiple purposes as they not only dress up a wall, but you can easily check your face throughout the day.

curtains | floor lamp

I am kind of weird about open windows; especially when its dark out.  It kind of freaks me out.  Curtain panels allow you to let the light (or air) in but give a little privacy.  

If you don't have a ceiling light of wall sconces, a floor lamp can give off a great deal of light to the room.

flowers | mug | pen holder | candle | candle | mirror

Flowers are so easy to dress up any space.  I would probably fill my dream offices with flowers in any spot they will fit.  Peonies are among my absolute favorite, so they are a must in any dream space. 

Candles are also a must! And I love candles that I can reuse the jar to store pens, paperclips, or just random bits.  I also like the idea of a small vanity mirror to sit on the desk.  I know it is a little vain, but as this is a dream home office, my desk would have to double as a place to try out new products.

desk | chair | rug

There is something so sophisticated and glamorous about a large mirrored desk with an upholstered chair behind it.  (My dream office will probably also have to come with someone to keep it clean and fingerprint free!)  I also love the idea of the yellow rug contrasting with the walls; just large enough to cover the space under the desk.  Since everything else would be predominantly cream and gold, the colors would pop.

To view some other supplies I would keep in my dream office, view my previous post HERE.

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  1. These ideas for a home office! So pretty!

  2. Ahh purple walls! I love that and your design ideas! :)


  3. Your color palette is absolutely perfect, classic and feminine I love it! Also love the peonies and yummy candle xo

  4. Great post! I love your dream home office, especially the wallpaper :)
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  5. Just started following you on BL from the Weekend Block party. You blog is so cute. I adore your dream office! Sign me up!
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