Saturday, August 10, 2013

Life Lately: Instagram Challenge

As I have mentioned before, I have been using Instagram more and more lately.  The more and more I use it the more I begin to understand why so many people use it and I am super late to the party.

I recently discovered a photo of the day challenge created by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim.  Each month she creates a list of prompts (one for each day) and the idea is to Instagram a photo each day related to that days prompt with #FMSphotoaday.  For me, the best part is going through the photos each day to view others' perspective of the daily prompt, liking my favorites and finding new instagramers to follow.  

Some days have been harder than others.  Today, I knew exactly what I was going to post.  Today is day ten, beverage.  Here are my photos thus far.

Top Left to Bottom Right:

Day 1 - N; Nickel

Day 2 - Incomplete; Unfinished Sudoku

Day 3 - Skyline; Martha's Vineyard

Day 4 - Fresh; Fresh Watermelon, Freshly Brew Iced Tea and Fresh Polish

Day 5 - Early; Beverly Hills 90210, The Early Years

Day 6 - This Means a lot to Me; Good Times with Good Friends

Day 7 - A Sign; The Citgo Sign, Boston

Day 8 - Peek a Boo; Hydrox, bundled up

Day 9 - 2 o'clock; I left work early to get a head start on the weekend and it was pouring.

Day 10 - Beverage; Green Tea Frappucino

To follow the rest of my challenge photos each day, follow me on Instagram HERE or find me @TesoriBelle.  And make sure to comment below with your instagram handle so I can follow you back!

For more information on this challenge, check out Chantelle's post.

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  1. Hi Deana! I just started following you on Instagram and wonder how we were not BFF's when I lived in Boston?! :) I was there for 12 yrs and relocated (back) to CT a little over a year ago. I love seeing your post about Boston and even more so on products since I am completely OBSESSED!! if you want to follow me back on Instagram, i'm jaymedepasevans


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