Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Sunday Lusts 7.28.2013

1. Lena Midi Gold Ring, Kitsy Lane - Above the knuckle rings are very popular and this one gives the illusion of wearing two rings spaced apart.  

2. Metal Knot Ring, The Limited

3. Mesh-Sleeve Colorblock Sweater, Gap

4. Starbuck Glitter Tumbler, Etsy - I have about a million cold tumblers, but not one lined in glitter.  How adorable???

5.  Beach House - Preferably down the Cape (Cape Cod) or in Newport, RI.  If I had a beach house I would probably take every Monday and/or Sunday off in the summer and stay there.

6.  Honey Eau De Perfum, Marc Jacobs

7. Jeweled Short Sleeve Sweatshirt, J.Crew


  1. Oh man, I love those glitter tumblers. I could definitely use one for the upcoming school semester!


  2. i sniffed the honey perfume last time i was out shopping and it's such a sweet fragrance - really lives up to its name "honey"!!

    rachel x

  3. That's the sweatshirt I want from JCrew! As soon as I saw it in the store I knew I needed to stalk it until there is a really good sale.


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