Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life Lately

From the first time I walked through the golden doors, I have wanted to live at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  Everything about it makes me want to never leave.  It is my Disney World.  I was on the West Coast earlier this month for work and had to go to Vegas (Henderson actually) for a meeting so I stayed at my fairy tale castle.  It was AMAZING!  With a sunken living room, a bathroom bigger than my bedroom (complete with a TV), I didn't want to ever leave!  

No update on life is complete without coffee.  Sorry(notsorry) that is just how its gonna be.  

I love my new headphones.  I bit the bullet and bought the Frends headphones I have been lusting after.  I love them.  Sometimes at work I'll use them even though I have my own office and can listen to the radio or iPod dock.  I just love them!

I have drank iced tea since I first learned how to make it fresh brewed at 11.  Even in the coldest winter, I would be bundled up sipping iced tea.  It's such a hassle to brew the tea, let is steep, then ice it.    I have been drinking ice tea k-cups for my Keurig like it is no body's business.  And I found this plastic mason tumbler at Bed Bath & Beyond and went right ahead and bought two!

When I was in San Francisco I found an Inglot counter at Macy's and picked up a few goodies!

My latest (BIG) Lust is this Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour Leather Tote. #NeverGonnaHappenForMe

I just got this Limited Edition GlossyBox. It includes 7 products for $40 so I really wanted to try it out.  Sometimes GlossyBox disappoints me; this wasn't too bad.  (Unboxing to come soon!)

This little guy has been on my bed since my trip to Mexico 6 years ago!  Sometimes I forget he's there and then I look down and Hello - he just appears.  I swear I think he is magical and teleports himself around my desk.

I have been a little disappointed with Sephora's Beauty Insider program lately, particularly their VIB program.  WELL, Sephora just revamped the program and is now offering an additional level of VIB with aded benefits.  I just got my VIB Rouge Card last night and am super excited to see what is is store for the program.  Stay tuned as I will be  posting on the program soon.

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