Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life Lately

As I write this, I am in San Francisco.  I was only here for a couple of days before heading to Los Angeles tomorrow and Las Vegas on Tuesday.  I am on the West Coast for work, so I am not in any city long enough to see much of it, but I did do a sight seeing tour this morning and we passed the Full House Houses! These "Painted Ladies" are among the most famous Victorians in the city.

I did this little DYI a while back to use as a vanity tray.  It was super simple - just a white plate from IKEA and multi-colored Sharpies.  Now I know what I am giving as birthday gifts this year to all my girl friends . . . . 

On my flight to LA yesterday, I saw this light down below.  It was really big and bright as we approached it.  (It took this photo as it was behind us)  Since we were flying over Arizona, I only assume it was the wild fires.  It was a little scary from up above.

I have been obsessed with white chocolate ice coffee lately!  I first experienced white chocolate iced coffee at a local coffee chain on the South Shore in MA, but Coffee-Mate makes a great creamer that tastes pretty much the same in coffee.  It is super hard to find; I went to 5 supermarkets in one weekend looking for it.

Cotton Candy Ice Cream with pop-rock like candies . . . . AMAZING!

I have been taking a lot of product pictures lately and have a bunch edited and ready to post.  Unfortunately that is only half of what it takes to make a post.  Now I just need to make time to sit my self down and write.

Last night I had dinner in Ghirardelli Square.  While Ghrardelli moved its headquarters out of the square in the 60s, it still smells like chocolate!

I am a little obsessed with Hendri Bendle!  During their recent Birthday Bash, I got this gorgeous case for my ipad at 40% off.  

I think I read that this is a Liger, although I can't remember where I found this photo (source unknown).  It is just the cutest thing ever and I can't stop looking at this little guy!

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