Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water

Disclaimer: Product sent to me for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I was recently sent Perlier's Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita.  This product is said to be a refreshing crackling ice body water.  

Perlier is an Italian manufacture of bath and body treatments.  Founded over 80 years ago, the company specializes in therapeutic products using natural ingredients.

According to the product packing, Perlier's Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita is "sparkling and crispy like a fruit sorbet.  It moisturizes and refreshes in one step and turns your skin pleasantly smooth and scented.  Ideal in the morning for a splash of 'freezing' energy or at night to remove tiredness and the heat of the day."

This is definitely an interesting product and one unlike anything I tried before.  I tried to photograph the product itself but is transforms so rapidly I couldn't.  The only thing I can think of to describe it is a liquidy mouse, almost as if you didn't shake your hair mouse and it never got to that thick mouse texture and instead stayed kind of runny. 

You spray it directly onto your skin and it immediately starts to dissolve and effervesce, tingly your skin.  As you rub it into the skin, its cooling and moisturizing, refreshing the skin.

Even having used this product many times now, I am still very intrigued and a little confused by it.  I keep wanting to use it and I'm not quite sure why.  I wouldn't say its super moisturizing and it definitely won't replace a regular moisturizer for me.  It is cooling and your skin is immediately cooled and refreshed, which kind of lingers to the touch for a little bit.  

Overall it just feels nice immediately after applying.  I probably wouldn't say it has any long term benefits and won't improve the condition of your skin, but its a really nice pick me up for your skin.  It would be a great addition to your beach bag to cool your skin in the sun.    I also read that you can leave it in the fridge for added cooling, which I have not yet tried.

This also smells really great.  While the scent is lemon, I kind of want to say it smells a little like oranges as well. 

Perlier's Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita retails for $24.50 through HSN.  I am really curious to try more of Perlier's products next time I am in the market for a new cleanser or moisturizer.  It is a new brand for me and I'm not sure why, but I'm sold on this Crackling Body Water.

Disclaimer: While this product was sent to me at no cost for the purpose of review, all opinions expressed are my own.  

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sephora VIB Rouge

Sephora just made some major changes to their Beauty Insider Program! 

Several years ago, they introduced VIB, or Very Important Beauty Insider.  To qualify to be a VIB, one has to spend $350 in a calendar year.  When you hit VIB status, you then receive added benefits like early access to new products and exclusive sales and discounts.  

I have been a VIB since the launch of the program.  Spending well over the $350 a year requirement, I found it very easy to maintain my VIB status.  In fact, I found it a little too easy!  

I probably spend a little too much at Sephora on a annual basis, and lately haven't felt their rewards program all that rewarding.  For a while, some of the 100 and 500 point perks had been lacking (although I have found them much better as of late and have actually been redeeming some points) and the 20% off discount that Sephora once offered their VIBs at select times, had dropped to just 10%. 

I feel like Sephora has been eaves dropping on some of my conversations lately because I have been saying for months that Sephora should introduce levels in their program.  Enter VIB Rouge; a brand new level for those of us that spend a bit (okay a lot) more in a calendar year.  While the program is brand new it has definitely made me excited once again for the Beauty Insider program!

With Rouge comes invitations to special events, free 3-day shipping on all online orders, surprise gifts, unlimited on the house services at the beauty studio and more.  
All the VIB Rouge benefits are in addition to the benefits Beauty Insiders and VIBs already receive.

As soon as I heard about the VIB Rouge level, I ran to Sephora to pick up my card.  The card comes in a presentation box along with a VIB Rouge Exclusive mini BITE BEAUTY lipstick.  I also received a card with current/upcoming promotions.

With so many other sources dedicated to beauty products competing with Sephora, I really feel that Sephora is upping the ante and I am very excited to see what is it store for this new level in membership. 

No matter what your Beauty Insider status is, Sephora is celebrating the launch of their revamped Beauty Insider program.  From August 12th to the 18th, you can accrue extra points to redeem for perks.  During this time, Beauty Insiders will receive 2 points for every dollar they spend, while VIBs will receive 3 points and VIB Rouge members will receive 4 points. 

Sephora is also offer some AMAZING perks starting August 12th!*

5,000 Point Perks:

- Private one-on-one yoga session with Josie Maran. (1 Available)
- Private Benefit Beauty Party at a Benefit Boutique (20 Available)
- Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection, tucked into a Marc Jacobs Handbag (1 Available)
- Haircut from Living Proof Creative Director, Chris McMillian (1 Available)
- A Private Bliss Spa Party (9 Available) 

10,000 Point Perks:

- A trip for two to Paris courtesy of Make-Up Forever  (1 Available)
- Backstage Pass at NY Fashion Week from Stila (1 Available)

During this time, Sephora is allowing you to transfer BI points to a friend.  That way you can work together to claim one of these fantastic prizes!

*For more details and offer terms visit
Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post, nor am I receiving any compensation.  I obtained VIB Rouge status through my own purchases.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Sunday Lusts 7.28.2013

1. Lena Midi Gold Ring, Kitsy Lane - Above the knuckle rings are very popular and this one gives the illusion of wearing two rings spaced apart.  

2. Metal Knot Ring, The Limited

3. Mesh-Sleeve Colorblock Sweater, Gap

4. Starbuck Glitter Tumbler, Etsy - I have about a million cold tumblers, but not one lined in glitter.  How adorable???

5.  Beach House - Preferably down the Cape (Cape Cod) or in Newport, RI.  If I had a beach house I would probably take every Monday and/or Sunday off in the summer and stay there.

6.  Honey Eau De Perfum, Marc Jacobs

7. Jeweled Short Sleeve Sweatshirt, J.Crew

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life Lately

From the first time I walked through the golden doors, I have wanted to live at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  Everything about it makes me want to never leave.  It is my Disney World.  I was on the West Coast earlier this month for work and had to go to Vegas (Henderson actually) for a meeting so I stayed at my fairy tale castle.  It was AMAZING!  With a sunken living room, a bathroom bigger than my bedroom (complete with a TV), I didn't want to ever leave!  

No update on life is complete without coffee.  Sorry(notsorry) that is just how its gonna be.  

I love my new headphones.  I bit the bullet and bought the Frends headphones I have been lusting after.  I love them.  Sometimes at work I'll use them even though I have my own office and can listen to the radio or iPod dock.  I just love them!

I have drank iced tea since I first learned how to make it fresh brewed at 11.  Even in the coldest winter, I would be bundled up sipping iced tea.  It's such a hassle to brew the tea, let is steep, then ice it.    I have been drinking ice tea k-cups for my Keurig like it is no body's business.  And I found this plastic mason tumbler at Bed Bath & Beyond and went right ahead and bought two!

When I was in San Francisco I found an Inglot counter at Macy's and picked up a few goodies!

My latest (BIG) Lust is this Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour Leather Tote. #NeverGonnaHappenForMe

I just got this Limited Edition GlossyBox. It includes 7 products for $40 so I really wanted to try it out.  Sometimes GlossyBox disappoints me; this wasn't too bad.  (Unboxing to come soon!)

This little guy has been on my bed since my trip to Mexico 6 years ago!  Sometimes I forget he's there and then I look down and Hello - he just appears.  I swear I think he is magical and teleports himself around my desk.

I have been a little disappointed with Sephora's Beauty Insider program lately, particularly their VIB program.  WELL, Sephora just revamped the program and is now offering an additional level of VIB with aded benefits.  I just got my VIB Rouge Card last night and am super excited to see what is is store for the program.  Stay tuned as I will be  posting on the program soon.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finds

Its been a while since my last Friday Finds, but I have a whole new crop of websites, apps, and social media users you are going to want to check out!!


I love Laura's About this Blog:  "Just so you know this is a blog about shopping. It doesn't get any deeper than that."  I love that!  And I love that it's not specifically a fashion blog or a beauty blog; She does such an even mix of both.

Christine's blog is brand new, but already is pretty amazing!  Her blog is adorable, she takes phenomenal photos, and she reviews relevant products that many want to know about.  Seoul Stine is a blog that definitely has potential to go far. 

I discovered Laila's blog through the Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Blog Hop that she hosts every Saturday!  I love her review of Korean Beauty Products  and she offers some great tips for new bloggers.


I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies and all things used to organize.  MochiThings has all that and more.  And everything is just so darn cute!

Quirky is full of products invented by just regular people.  You submit your idea and its voted on by the public.  Quirky then puts the most popular ideas into production and sells them; AND the inventor gets a cut of the profit.  The products created and sold are ingenious.  It will leave you thinking "why didn't I think of that??"


 Frame Swagg - I have been getting a little more into Instagram lately.  I had been noticing a lot more of the people and companies I follow post 3 or 4 picture collages and I couldn't figure out how they were doing it . . . like everything else, there's an app for that.  While there are tons of free collage apps, I download Frame Swagg and Pic Stitch.  They both do the same thing, but I just prefer Frame Swagg's interface.

And since I mention it,  check out my Instagram @Tesoribelle and follow me for product snap shots, impromptu hauls, beauty boxes, sneak peaks and more!

Uber - I wish I had invented Uber because it is just such an incredible idea.  Uber gives you on demand car service in 35 US cities and 14 countries.  I used it a lot when I was in California earlier this month and it was AMAZING!  You create an account and enter in your credit card information and download the app.  Then when you need a ride, you just open the app and request a taxi or car service. The app will determine your location using the GPS in your phone and send you alerts as to how long it will take, when your car is approaching and when they are there.  You can even see the cars location, the name and picture of the driver, make and model of the car and the car's license plate.  And there is no exchange of money; they just charge your credit card when you are done. 

To save $10 off your first ride, use promo code 1R0HI when you sign up, or sign up HERE.

Fast Camera - Have you ever wanted to get the perfect picture but couldn't?  Fast Camera makes it easy.  Taking over 800 pictures a picture, you won't miss a shot.  It basically takes a video and then displays the video in hundreds of pictures allowing you to select the best ones to kep. You can then delete all the extras.

Other Finds

On Instagram - One of my favorite bloggers, Ashlinda of The Decorista, instagrams various doors she finds around New York City.  I am so obsessed with it.  Check it out @thedoorsofnewyork.

On Twitter - I just discovered OscarPRGirl and I want to be her.

On Youtube - Miranda Sings is an internet character created by comedian/actress/singer Colleen Ballinger.  I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness of Miranda Sings, so just go check out her videos.

What are some of the sites, apps and media users you have been loving lately??

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

I wasn't looking for a new moisturizer when I received Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer in my POPSUGAR Must Have Box back in June.   I wasn't even going to try it, rather I was going to give it away until I took a look at the packaging.  The packaging got me and reeled me right in.  

The packaging is actually quite ingenious really.  Its a jar, yet is completely enclosed with a pump on the top.  You just press the button and the product comes out.  I love it!  I may be living under a rock and you are probably saying "I have tons of projects like that."  I don't.  This was a first for me.

Having been completely amazed by the packaging (go ahead, make fun . . . I'll wait) I thought it would be pretty hard for the actual product to live up to my expectations.  It did!    It's organic, which it supposed to be better for you.  That's cool.  But it also did everything it said it was going to.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer contains a blend of fruit stem cells infused with Vitamin C. Both are said to work to repair DNA damage, encourage new cell growth, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Containing antioxidant-rich ingredients and plant oils, it hydrates the skin and improves elasticity.  While the Stem Cellular Repair collection is targeted for mature and wrinkled skin, the packaging claims to be clinically validated for age defy AND blemish clearing results!  Having acne prone skin and being in my 30s, I figured this was a win win for me!

First off, this product smells AMAZING!  It smells like fresh lemons.  I couldn't stop smelling it!  It is easy to apply and soaks into the skin quite nicely.  It didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or heavy.  It moisturized my skin AND reduced redness with just one use.  I also found it to clear any breakouts I may have had much faster.  The overall condition of my skin was improved.

I also liked that this has an expiration date stamped right on it.  Rather then having to search for the period-after-opening symbol and remembering exactly when I opened it,  I know to either use it or toss it by May 2015.  

I can imagine that this would work for other skin types as well.  It repairs any damaged skin cells, whether they are blemished, dry, wrinkled, or irritated.  (I am even currently using it on severe dry spots I had on my neck that resulted in large red marks to reduce scarring.)

While this is a little pricey (retail price is $65) I would probably purchase this over and over many times.   You can buy it directly through Juice Beauty HERE or at Ulta and other retailers.  

Disclaimer - This product was received in a Monthly Subscription box that was purchased by me.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Make it a Maxi Summer

I love a long flowy maxi dress or skirt in the summer.  It is a perfect way to beat the heat while staying chic and put together.  A maxi can take you from the beach, on errands, and then to dinner. 

Maxi Skirt I

Black and white never goes out of style.  It is a classic that you can wear all year round.  I love black and white with just a pop of color, in this case a bright pink lip.

Maxi Skirt II

I typically don't like to mix too many colors, but nothing screams summer more than cool blues.  Top that with a pink clutch and lens and you'll look like you just stepped off a Caribbean beach.

Maxi Dress II

I love love love navy and red!  Matched with gold accessories, its  the perfect combination for summer night out.  While I usually like to pair maxis with flats, the high/low hemline is the perfect way to show off a pair of ankle strap wedges.

Maxi Dress I

Green and navy is another favorite color combination of mine.  It is a little nautical, and keeping everything else muted with tan and gold makes it that much more sophisticated.  

Maxi Skirt III

A full patterned skirt calls for everything else to be simple. With no added color, this skirt will definitely be a focal point.  You can even add a straw hat and look like you just stepped off a Mediterranean yacht.  

How do you style your maxi??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Empties #3

I am enjoying using up products a little too much!  Since starting empties posts, I have been seeing it as a personal challenge to use up as many of my existing products as possible.  I get some sort of satisfaction seeing an empty bottle or jar and tossing it into my empties basket.  I have also been really good at buying new items; only buying things to replace finished products or those nearing its end.  As much as I really want the Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer, I refuse to buy it while I still have two perfectly good bronzers in my collection.  

I hope you guys are enjoying these posts as much as me, or at least half as much as me, because showing off my accomplishments (actually finishing things) is one of the biggest driving forces behind this!

Over cluttered lotions have always been a huge problem of mine.  I buy them, even if I don't need them, and then never use them.  Actually, until recently I was really bad at using lotion consistently and now I slather it on twice a day.

Pink Chiffon Body Cream, Bath and Body Works - This smells like a dream!  I really wish Bath & Body Works would add this scent to their candle collection because it is AMAZING! I really loved this body cream. I prefer squeeze tubes just because they are easier to dispense and more hygienic.  This keep my skin soft, and did I say how amazing this smells???  I will definitely repurchase once I go through my existing lotion/body butter stash!

Brazil Not Body Butter, The Body Shop - This is one of my all time favorite scents.  It reminds me of the roasted nuts they sell on the streets of New York.  It's that yummy. I have probably bought this body butter at least a dozen times and will continuously repurchase it when I need body butter.  

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream - I have used all the foot creams in the Gold Bond Ultimate line and like them all equally.  I find they all pretty much do the same thing. They are the only foot creams I will use.  They make my feet really soft and are not the least bit greasy.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, LUSH - Another product I have repurchased over and over again and will probably continue to repurchase.  Not only is it a great cuticle cream, but also works on rough patches on your elbows, knees and feet. 

Crème de pistache soufflé body crèmeLaura Mercier - This is another one of my favorite scents.  I had this for quite a while and stopped using it as I was approaching the end of it.  I just didn't want to part with it because it is pricey and just smells that fantastic! I don't know if I would repurchase the soufflé, rather save myself a few dollars and get the body butter.  I have a tube of that at work and like it much better.  It is thicker, a squeeze tube and $20 cheaper than the soufflé.

Tea Tree Oil, Desert Essence - I didn't really like this at first.  I am not fussy about the brand of tea tree oil I use and find them pretty much all the same, but I didn't really care for the packaging on this.  Most tea tree oils have a stopper under the cap that only allows a little to be dispensed at at time.  This didn't have that so when I first used it half the bottle poured out at once.  Then I started using it with a cotton swab, dipping it in and dabbing it on and I much preferred that method of application.  In fact, now I only ever apply tea tree oil with a cotton swab and pulled the stopper out of my current bottle.

Vichy Purete Themale 3 -in-1 Calming Cleansing Solution - If you follow a lot of beauty blogs or beauty gurus on Youtube, there is a good chance you have heard everyone raving about Bioderma.  I know I have to the point that I had to order it on Amazon to try it out for myself.  While I really really do like it, I don't like the fact that it is not available in the US so  have to order it through Amazon.  Vichy is a great alternative to Bioderma and for the most part pretty accessible here in the states.  (It is sold in CVS and Ulta).   Like Bioderma, Vichy Purete Themale Cleansing Solution is a no rinse cleansing water.  I like to use it as a pre-cleanse to take my make-up off before I wash my face, HOWEVER I have been known to use just this in a pinch when feeling all sorts of lazy!

Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, REN - This mask has been all over the blogosphere lately and for good reason!  I have been dying to try it out but didn't want to pay the $55 price tag if I wasn't going to like it.  I received a sample from Sephora and was able to test it out.  I loved it!  It improves the surface of my skin with each use. I ended up buying the full size.  For an extra $3 I got a kit that includes 2 extra products and a muslin cloth.

Japanese Match Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask, Pangea Organics - I reviewed this mask back in February.  It works great at bringing impurities out to the surface and making the overall condition of my skin smoother after the purge period.  As I mentioned in my review my only concern about this mask is that it is extremely messy to rinse off.

Argan Lip Treat, Josie Maran - My lips got extremely dry over the winter from using too much EOS lip balm.  This was the only product that reversed the damage EOS did.  It felt like silk and just melted into my lips.  

Revitalizing Moisturzing Creme with Vitamin E, JASON Natural Cosmetics - I like products that serve multiple purposes.  This moisturized my skin well and the added vitamin E help with hyper-pigmentation.

Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes, Pacifica - These have popped up in my last empties post.  They are my favorites, go to cleansing wipes.  I probably would have used more but since I haver been using cleansing water I don't use wipes as much.

Facial Cotton, Shiseido - $9.50 may be a little much for cotton pads, but these are little pillows of silkened softness that feel so luxurious on my face that I will be repurchasing these over and over until the end of time.

BB Cream Broad Spectrum, Boscia - I really loved this BB Cream when I first started using it.  In fact, I repurchased it a couple times.  Lately I have been finding that it oxidizes on my skin, so I won't be repurchasing again.  Aside from the oxidation, I really liked the overage this gave.

Nearly Naked Foundation, Revlon - So as you can see I used two bottles of this foundation. I first bought it in 160, Fresh Beige, and found it to be a tad too dark.  I then used bought it is 150, Nude, and it was perfect for me.  I like light weight foundations so this is perfect for me.  It gives decent coverage without being at all cakey.  I have repurchased this in 150, Nude.

Sheer Glow Foundation, NARS - I made the mistake of buying this online without testing out my color in the store, so I ended up getting this a shade too light (Ceylan,  a light/medium with yellow undertones.)  I liked the formula; its lightweight with decent coverage and ended up mixing it with the Nearly Naked foundation that was too dark for me (160).  The two mixed every well together 

Brow Gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills - I didn't hate this but it didn't exactly wow me.  For $22 I expected a little more staying power.  It works just as well as Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, but Great Lash is a lot cheaper so I'll stay with that.

Laguna Bronzer, NARS - After hearing about this cult favorite for years, I finally gave in and bought Laguna.  This has just enough golden shimmer to reflect the light without looking like a disco ball.  It is also nicely pigmented without being too pigmented that your cheeks look dirty.  I tried to extend this out as much as I could, digging product out of the pan before finally accepting the fact that its time was done.  I will definitely repurchase again once I finish the other bronzers that I have.

De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray, Urban Decay - I use this religiously every day.  I spray it on my face before I apply my make-up and again after and it really helps my makeup last all day.

Over the years, I have become a bit of a perfume hoarder!  I would discover a new scent that I liked and immediately have to buy it.  Needless to say, I would end up with more perfume than I could use.  I am now trying to use up all the perfume that at this point is cluttering up my vanity. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo L'Eau Florale  - I hate wearing a perfume that a million other people are wearing, so I really liked this.  I received a sample forever ago in a Birchbox and used the sample and nothing else until there was nothing left in the vial.  I immediately purchased.  Its a sweet floral scent without being too florally.  I planning on repurchasing, but on a perfume buying ban until I use up one more bottle in my collection.

Lola, Marc Jacobs - I started wearing this immediately after it came out.  I first fell in love with it for the bottle, however it smells just as great as it looks.  I will probably repurchase again sometime in the future, but really want to use up some of the other perfumes that I have.

Aussie Moist Conditioner - I really like Aussie's conditioners.  The 5 Minute miracle has been a staple in my shower for as long as I can remember.  I also tend to use up my conditioner at a much faster rate than shampoo, so when I found this at Target for $5 I didn't think twice about picking it up. This was a great conditioner for when I used a sulfate free shampoo, as I usually find the matching conditioners don't do much to condition my hair.   

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original - Batiste is my go to dry shampoo.  I haven't tried another brand that I like as much.  I don't normally buy the original scent just because there are so many other scents available.  

Garnier Fructis Haircare Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment - This is the first moroccan oil I had tried.  While I can't compare it to higher end brands, it works really well.  It left my ends soft and a lot more healthier. 

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo -  I have wanted to try this for a while after hearing some really good things about it. While I toyed with buying the full size at Ulta many times, I am glad I got the travel size to test out.  It made my hair really stiff and even a little was difficult to brush out.  I just didn't like it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush - When I first starting using Batiste, Blush and Original were the only two scents available at Ulta. Blush was my favorite of the two.  I had this mini in my travel case for some time and decided to use it up.

Biotrue - I use both this and Clear Care to clean my contacts.  I like that this is gentle and easy and I can use it as a quick rinse of my lenses.  

Olive Shower Gel, The Body Shop - This cleans well and smells divine   It is a very fresh and clean smell.

Dove Cleartone Skin Renew Deodorant - I tend to prefer Dove deodorants.  I find them gentler on the skin.  Like others, my underarm skin tends to darken due to shaving irritation.  This claims to lighten that.  While I haven't noticed a significant difference, I figure it can't hurt and I'm not too picky about deodorants, as long as they keep me dry.

Disclaimer - All products mentioned were purchased by me.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Sundlay Lusts 7.21.2013

1. Chevron Striped Long V-Neck Cardigan, LOFT - I love long cardigans. I am tall, so regular cardigans tend to be a smidge too short.  I love the lighter weight on this, making it perfect for layering up for the cold office AC and the chevron stripe is very in style.

2. 1969 Long & Lean Jeans, GAP - I used to only wear Long & Leans jeans from the Gap, but haven't in years.  I love the silhouette of these. 

3. Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, Tarte - I haven't used a powder foundation in years, but have recently been thinking of trying it again.  I recently watched a YouTube video of this and want to try it.

4. 'Prosecco' Home Ambiance Perfume, Antica Farmacista - I received this reed diffuser in the Birchbox Home box I bought last fall.  I fell in love with this scent.

5. Yacena 2 Wedge, Me Too - I am pretty sure I have mentioned how much I love wedges.  I have been on the hunt for a new pair of beige peep-toe wedges.

6. iPod Nano - I have had an iPod Touch since the beginning of time.  While I love the ability to touch the screen to search for my music, I don't really utilize any of the other features of the iPod.  I love the cute size of the nano, I just wish that they offered the small sleek size in a larger storage size.

7. Dot Print Top, Gap - This top is so so effortless and can take you from the office to the weekend.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid-week Pool Party!

It is HOT outside.  The Boston area is in day four of our 3rd heat wave of the season.  With no sign of relief for at least another 2 days, all I can think about is submerging myself in water.  I can almost smell the chloride!  While any pool will suffice, floating in a backyard oasis with an iced cold drink would make this heat wave a lot more bearable! 

Here are some of my dream pools!