Sunday, June 9, 2013

NYX Illuminator

I recently picked up NYX's Illuminator while at Ulta while they were have a NYX buy one get one 50% off sale.  I wasn't looking for a new highlighter, nor did I need one, but I was getting the NYX Concealer Stick and wanted to take advantage of the sale, and thought the Illuminator was just so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up.  

This Illuminator comes in 3 colors.  Narcissistic (IBB01) is a champagne color with gold sheen.  Chaotic (IBB02) is a dark pink with gold sheen. Magnetic (IBB03) is a peachy pink with gold sheen and glitter.  Since I already have a highlighter that I really like and haven't even hit pan on, I bought the pinkier of the 3, Chaotic, as it wasn't like anything I already had. 

In the pan, the color is a beautiful dark rosey peach with a subtle glimmery sheen.  It actually looks more like a blush than an illuminator, until you swatch it. Once swatched you can see a lot more of the peachy gold in the color.  On the skin, it looks so beautiful and looks different depending on your angle and light.  At one glance, it is a soft pink sheen, and at another it is a pigmented blush of color.  

The NYX Illuminator is gorgeous!  I can wear it with a full face of makeup with blush and bronzer, or with just some BB Cream to add color to my "no-make up, make-up".  It is definitely worth checking out!

Disclaimer: This product listed were purchased  by me.  I am not being compensated for mention of any the product(s) mentioned in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.    


  1. Whoa this is stunning! Thanks for sharing as I've yet to see or hear about these.

    1. I hadn't either until I saw it in ULTA. It really is so much more beautiful in person!


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