Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guest Post: Morgan of Gray and Gabbana

Morgan of Gray & Gabbana is a fashion enthusiast always looking into the fashion community for inspiration.  She offers her readers some great tips on incorporating the latest fashions into their wardrobe while obtaining the look for less.  Morgan believes that there are a lot of everyday expenses that we overlook when it comes to affordability.

Morgan just recently started Gray & Gabbana and it is fantastic!  You really should check her out.


Don’t you hate it when you want something but can’t afford it? While penny pinching may not be the answer to all your woes, learning a few money-saving tricks might open some new possibilities. Every woman of fashion knows that looking great can come with a price tag, but that price tag doesn’t have to be a particularly high one.

Basic Tees

How much money do you spend each year on basic tees or tank tops to go under your blouses, jackets and cardigans? You want to make sure these foundation garments fit well and last, but you don’t need to spend a lot on them. Consider shopping for these basics at discount stores such as Target or Macy’s, where you will find quality tanks and tees at low prices.


Whether you need a trendy set of frames for your prescription lenses or just a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while driving, don’t drop hundreds of dollars on this necessity. Consider options at Warby Parker where you can get great designer looks for under $200.

For products from shampoo to cosmetics, we seem to be constantly shelling out money to attain the most beautiful looks available. Some of this money is well-spent, but we should all consider where we might be able to cut back.

Less Waste

It may seem obvious that less wasted product results in lower expense, but do you really know where you are wasting product? Many women use absorbent cotton balls as applicators. The resulting waste is astounding as the cotton balls absorb much of the product, rendering it unusable. Instead of cotton balls, try using flat cotton pads or product-specific applicators to minimize waste.

Recycling Programs

Several cosmetic companies have recycling programs, and some of these programs can save you money. MAC Cosmetics will send a free lipstick from their collection in return for each empty plastic container of their product you return to them for recycling purposes.

While fashion and beauty account for many of our monthly expenses, there are plenty of other places where we all spend money. Where you spend money, there is a high possibility that you could find a money-saving opportunity.

Family Outings

Want to take your family on an outing this summer? Find coupons and other savings to help lower the bill. For example, if you want to take the kids to Six Flags, get information about their Read to Succeed program. Kids who complete six hours of reading outside of schoolwork will receive a free admission ticket to Six Flags.

Now head on over to Gray & Gabbana and check it out!!

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