Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Finds

There is now an even better reason to use bloglovin.  They updated their app this week to provide support on the iPad.  The iPad app makes catching up on your blog subscriptions even easier!  I love that I can use it in an easy to read format while I am on the go.

I download The Heist last week as a free download through the Starbucks app.  You need to complete a certain number of puzzles and brain teasers in order to open the vault.  While I "cracked the vault" in just a few days, I am determined to finish all the challenges.  My favorite is the Sudoku shapes puzzle

A lifestyle blog with a flair for design and style, Design Love Fest is about everything pretty.  I love Bri's Dress Your Tech series and downloaded a ton of new wallpapers from the blog.  AND Bri looks just like my 90's icon Kelly Taylor!

I love beauty blogs and Musings of a Muse is my go to source for product reviews.  I love that "the Muse"doesn't just review popular/mainstream products and really introduces her readers to new and different brands.

I wish I had discovered PicMonkey before purchasing photo editing software months ago.  If you are not using it, you should.  There are some great features that are available for free, or you can access the Royal features for $4.99/month or $33/year.

I become obsessed with Big Brother each summer.  With just over a month left before the next season, I was super excited to discover the first season of Big Brother Canada on YouTube.  You can watch the entire season on the Big Brother Canada Youtube channel.  I have been watching non stop and have just a handful of episodes left before I then start watching The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

I recently discovered Leigh Ann Says on YouTube and have been loving her videos.  She is just so cute and entertaining and her videos are full of personality.  

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