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Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

Hot Cloth Cleansers have been all over the place recently.  Between Liz Earle,  Eve LomEmma Hardng, and many others on the market, there are hundreds to choose from.  Earlier this year I had tried Soap & Glory's Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser and really enjoyed it.  I was going to repurchase, but then I found the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm from Boot's at Target for half the price.

This is an entirely different product than the Fab Pore Cleanser from Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory's cleanser is a deep cleaning cream specifically for clogged pores.  You can feel your skin tingling as pulls out the impurities.  

The Botantics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm was my very first balm.  I had heard a lot about balms but was a little unsure how well they would really work to cleanse my skin. Without anything to compare it to, I can honestly say that I really like this product.  It is a gentle balm that you rub on and then off and it takes all traces of make-up and dirt with it.  I don't know how it works, but it does.  

The texture/consistency is a true balm.  It looks like a solid wax in the pot, similar to a waxy pomade, that sort of melts to the touch and is easily spreadable onto your skin.  After massaging over your face and neck, you soak the muslin cloth in hot water and use as a compress on your skin to draw out any impurities.  I like to let the cloth sit on my face, then press downwards to remove the balm.  Because the balm can feel a bit waxy, I soak the cloth again and repeat.  The directions then calls for you to soak the cloth in cold water and press over your face to close your pores.  I don't follow this step as I like to use this as more of a precleanser and follow with my regular cleanser afterwards. 

While this product works very well on its own and there is no need to use an additional cleanser, I do like to follow it with my regular cleanser (Proactiv).  The reason I do this is because since I do have acne prone skin, I really need a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in order to prevent any breakouts.  Since the cleansing balm literally removes all traces of dirt, make-up and impurities, I feel like it preps my skin so that the active ingredients in my Proactiv can really do its work.   I also really like to use the Botantics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm on days that I am going to use a mask.  It, again, takes everything off/out of my skin to let the mask really soak in and do what it needs to do.  The balm really supercharges any other product I use after it. 

The only thing that I don't like about this product is that it can leave my skin feeling a little waxy if I use too much. (This could perhaps be a result of other/all cleansing balms in general but this is the only one I have ever used.)  I just try to be very careful to use a small amount (which does go a long way) and wipe with the cloth twice.  Washing my face after with my Clarisonic thoroughly removes that waxy feeling.  This product also does leave a slight residue in my sink, but nothing that doesn't come out with a quick wipe.  

Overall, I really like this product and would repurchase.  For less than $10 it works very well and leave my skin soft without a trace of dirt or makeup.  The muslin cloth is also very durable and holds up well after multiple washes in the washing machine.

Disclaimer: The product listed was purchased  by me with my own money.  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the product(s) mentioned in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.   

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  1. This sounds great! I love superdrug coconut oil as a balm cleanser x

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