Sunday, June 30, 2013

PinkPanel Goodies!

Disclaimer:  Product sent for the purposed of review.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

Last week, I posted about the PinkPanela community of beauty-obsessed women who share an undying passion for beauty products!   The PinkPanel was kind enough to send me a little bag of goodies to try out!

Two of the products were from a European company that I hadn't heard about before, Bell.  The third product is from Nailtini.

Bio2 Vitamin Booster is a reinforcing serum for weak nails.  It is said to strengthen and nourish nails, harden the nail plate and stimulate nail growth.  Containing an advanced complex of plant stem cells it is supposed to stimulate the formation of keratin, the main construction material in nails and results in and accelerated growth of strong, healthy nails.  

My natural nails are already pretty strong and grow fast.  I used this for a week and didn't experience any breakage, but I don't normally anyway.  It did make my nails very shiny, which I liked.  I'm not sure if you can use this as a base coat under polish, as it it supposed to let your nails breath.  

This product does not yet seem to be available in the US.

Bell Derma Intensive Beauty Skin Ant-Age Foundation is formulated for sensitive and acne prone skin.  It is said to cover skin imperfections and provide a fresh matte complexion for hours. It is supposed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, protect skin from free radicals, rebalance oily and acne prone skin, and fight irritation while providing a soothing effect.  It has a UVB filter and Vitamin C and E.

I received this foundation in the color 1 Porcelain, which I believe is the lightest shade.   Even though I thought it would be too light for me, I figured I would give it a chance, even if I had to darken it up with some bronzer.  This really didn't do anything for me and provided absolutely no coverage.  The color blended into my skin and just disappeared.  It was like I had not put anything on.   I may give this another shot and try it as a primer under my foundation to see if it really gives the benefits it claims.  

I was most excited to receive Nailtini's hot pink shade in Grenadine.  Nailtini is a line of nail lacquer developed to maximize the creativity of the user by "cocktailing" different shades.  

Grenadine is a gorgeous vibrant hot pink.  It applies really nicely and evenly.  I wore it for a full day with no topcoat without any chips before I removed to change polish.

For more information on the PinkPanel, check out my last post HERE. You can join the PinkPanel by liking them on Facebook and signing up HERE.  AND if you sign up by the end of day today (June 30th), you can be entered to win one of 3 $250 gift cards to Sephora! Just be sure you when you fill out the official signup form!

Disclaimer:  While I received these products for free for the purpose of review, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Sunday Lusts

1. Monogram Keychain, Anthropologie - I love the monogramed trend.  Growing up all my friends has personalized pencils, barrettes, lunch bags, you name it.  Aside from the fact that my mother thought I would get kidnapped if my shoelaces said "Deana," nothing came in my name.  Monograms are much easier to find and a lot more grown up.

2. 217 Blending Brush, MAC Cosmetics

3. Deluxe Airless Travel Kit, Sephora - I am going to be traveling in a couple of weeks and really want to "try" not to overpack.  I have never been one to just take a carry on (my products alone would never fit in one quart sized bag) but it would be nice not to worry about whether or not my checked bag was going to be heavier than the standard. Since products take up about 75% of my suitcase, I would love a good set of travel containers to fill up with just the amount of product I need.

4. Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, SimpleHuman - I love that this mirror is cordless (yet recharges with an include adapter) so I can easily move it from my vanity to my desk or anywhere else.  And the light is sensored so I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not I remembered to turn it off.

5. Printed Split V-Neck Blouse, The Limited

6. Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette, NYX - I love all in one palettes IF they are full of products that I would actually use. This contains a bronzer, two highlighters, 4 blushes, and 15 neutral eyeshadows, all in shades that I would actually wear.  The shadows remind me of the NYX Bubbles and Cavier palette, which I really like and prefer to the UD Naked Palettes.

7. Peekaboo Clear Console, CB2 - I think this would be the perfect vanity/desk.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

Hot Cloth Cleansers have been all over the place recently.  Between Liz Earle,  Eve LomEmma Hardng, and many others on the market, there are hundreds to choose from.  Earlier this year I had tried Soap & Glory's Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser and really enjoyed it.  I was going to repurchase, but then I found the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm from Boot's at Target for half the price.

This is an entirely different product than the Fab Pore Cleanser from Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory's cleanser is a deep cleaning cream specifically for clogged pores.  You can feel your skin tingling as pulls out the impurities.  

The Botantics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm was my very first balm.  I had heard a lot about balms but was a little unsure how well they would really work to cleanse my skin. Without anything to compare it to, I can honestly say that I really like this product.  It is a gentle balm that you rub on and then off and it takes all traces of make-up and dirt with it.  I don't know how it works, but it does.  

The texture/consistency is a true balm.  It looks like a solid wax in the pot, similar to a waxy pomade, that sort of melts to the touch and is easily spreadable onto your skin.  After massaging over your face and neck, you soak the muslin cloth in hot water and use as a compress on your skin to draw out any impurities.  I like to let the cloth sit on my face, then press downwards to remove the balm.  Because the balm can feel a bit waxy, I soak the cloth again and repeat.  The directions then calls for you to soak the cloth in cold water and press over your face to close your pores.  I don't follow this step as I like to use this as more of a precleanser and follow with my regular cleanser afterwards. 

While this product works very well on its own and there is no need to use an additional cleanser, I do like to follow it with my regular cleanser (Proactiv).  The reason I do this is because since I do have acne prone skin, I really need a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in order to prevent any breakouts.  Since the cleansing balm literally removes all traces of dirt, make-up and impurities, I feel like it preps my skin so that the active ingredients in my Proactiv can really do its work.   I also really like to use the Botantics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm on days that I am going to use a mask.  It, again, takes everything off/out of my skin to let the mask really soak in and do what it needs to do.  The balm really supercharges any other product I use after it. 

The only thing that I don't like about this product is that it can leave my skin feeling a little waxy if I use too much. (This could perhaps be a result of other/all cleansing balms in general but this is the only one I have ever used.)  I just try to be very careful to use a small amount (which does go a long way) and wipe with the cloth twice.  Washing my face after with my Clarisonic thoroughly removes that waxy feeling.  This product also does leave a slight residue in my sink, but nothing that doesn't come out with a quick wipe.  

Overall, I really like this product and would repurchase.  For less than $10 it works very well and leave my skin soft without a trace of dirt or makeup.  The muslin cloth is also very durable and holds up well after multiple washes in the washing machine.

Disclaimer: The product listed was purchased  by me with my own money.  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the product(s) mentioned in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Have Your Heard of the Pink Panel?

When I was younger I wanted to be a pink lady when I grew up (more like Stephanie Zinone than Sandy Olsen).  They were so cool and girly in their soft pink jackets . . . they "ruled the school."  Now a days, I think that window of opportunity may have passed for me, but there's even even better group to join.  Instead of the Pink Ladies, I have joined the PinkPanel!

What is the PinkPanel?  It is a community of beauty-obsessed women who share an undying passion for skincare, makeup and all things beautiful!  The PinkPanel lets you test the latest beauty products, share your opinions, and participate in surveys and contests.  And the best part is, you get rewarded for doing so! (Rewards include gift cards, deluxe beauty samples and product giveaways)

Anyone can join the PinkPanel!  (you don't need to be a blogger!) If you are a beauty buff, a makeup enthusiast, who just someone who loves talking about beauty and trying out new products, you check out the PinkPanel.  The panel gives you access to the next best brands and products, sometimes before they even hit the shelves!


You can join the PinkPanel by liking them on Facebook and signing up HERE.  AND if you sign up before the end of June, you can be entered to win one of 3 $250 gift cards to Sephora! Just be sure you mention when you fill out the official signup form!

It’s that easy, and so much fun! Sign up for the PinkPanel today at (don't forget to mention!) and follow them on Facebook at

For more information on The PinkPanel, contact them at:

Disclaimer:  While this is a sponsor post, all opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 10, 2013

MIKOUX Silk Scarves: 50% Discount

Last month I featured the MIKOUX Silk Scarves specifically reviewing the El Baile Flamenco that was kindly sent to me by MIKOUX.  If you haven't checked out that post, you can do so HERE and read about the MIKOUX brand and products.

MIKOUX is now offering my readers a HUGE discount! In celebration of summer they are  offering 50% off of their current Spring/Summer 2013 collection.   From now through the end of June you can own one of their 100% Italian silks scarves for $174.50. (Full price is $349) Just enter coupon code TESORI-50 at checkout on MIKOUX's website.

Silk Scarves are perfect in the warmer months.  They are light weight enough not to add any bulk or warmth while outdoors,  yet great to shield you from a chilly AC while indoors. They are also thin enough to easily tuck into your handbag while not wearing or to wear as a head wrap in the sun.

MIKOUX offers three styles in fun feminine patterns.  Their scarves are made of luxurious silk fabrics that are sourced and produced exclusively in Como, Italy to ensure the highest level of standards. A hand silk screen print process along with digital printing, combines both the traditional methods and the latest technologies for providing the best print results of their original artwork. MIKOUX silk scarves are available at the official website 

MIKOUX Scarves are so luxurious and comparable to other high end brands.  The come beautifully packaged and gift ready.  

Disclaimer: Discount Code provided by MIKOUX exclusively for readers.  All opinions  expressed are my own.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quote of the Week

JCrew iPhone Case Haul

I upgraded my phone last week to the iPhone 5.  Since I have a phone case obsession I immediately needed to get a new case.   I intended to buy one, instead I got three.  I didn't mean to, however J.Crew was having a 25% off sale and had several cases already on clearance.  I ended up getting all three cases for less than $12.00.

Two of the cases were marked down to $3.99 from their original prices of $29.50 and $25.  With in additional 25% off, the final cost was $2.99 each before tax.  The third case was marked down to $6.99 from $25.00.  After the 25% off the final cost was $5.24 before tax.

Most J.Crew iPhone cases are made of Thermoplastic polyurethane.  They are soft enough to easily switch out, yet harder than a silicone case making them a lot more durable.

Sunday Lusts

Sunday Lusts

NYX Illuminator

I recently picked up NYX's Illuminator while at Ulta while they were have a NYX buy one get one 50% off sale.  I wasn't looking for a new highlighter, nor did I need one, but I was getting the NYX Concealer Stick and wanted to take advantage of the sale, and thought the Illuminator was just so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up.  

This Illuminator comes in 3 colors.  Narcissistic (IBB01) is a champagne color with gold sheen.  Chaotic (IBB02) is a dark pink with gold sheen. Magnetic (IBB03) is a peachy pink with gold sheen and glitter.  Since I already have a highlighter that I really like and haven't even hit pan on, I bought the pinkier of the 3, Chaotic, as it wasn't like anything I already had. 

In the pan, the color is a beautiful dark rosey peach with a subtle glimmery sheen.  It actually looks more like a blush than an illuminator, until you swatch it. Once swatched you can see a lot more of the peachy gold in the color.  On the skin, it looks so beautiful and looks different depending on your angle and light.  At one glance, it is a soft pink sheen, and at another it is a pigmented blush of color.  

The NYX Illuminator is gorgeous!  I can wear it with a full face of makeup with blush and bronzer, or with just some BB Cream to add color to my "no-make up, make-up".  It is definitely worth checking out!

Disclaimer: This product listed were purchased  by me.  I am not being compensated for mention of any the product(s) mentioned in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.    

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lilly Brush

Disclaimer:  Product sent for the purposed of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

I was recently sent the Lilly Brush to review.  The Lilly Brush is a portable brush with bristles specially designed to remove pills, lint and pet hair without damaging delicate fabrics or sweater weaves.

The Lilly Brush uses the phrase "Save Our Sweaters" as their slogan.  They claim to understand just how maddening it is to part with a favorite cashmere, wool or cotton sweater simply because normal wear has left it covered in unsightly pills.

The brush is rather compact.  The brush itself has a small handle that fits nicely in the hand.  The brush head is a long thin strip of soft bristles with a second piece that slides over the head to cover and protect the brush when not in use.  Closed up it almost looks like a travel toothbrush case.

The brush is marketed to save sweaters from those unsightly pills that comes from regular wear.  When I used it for that purpose, I didn't see too much difference in my sweater.  I had to apply a lot of pressure and really work at it to remove any pills.  It didn't do too much to save my sweater.  I then used this on a couple different types of fabrics and did see some improvement in removing lint (not pills).   

The Lilly brush worked to remove lint from a poly-blend dress pant and a cotton tee.  Because of its portable size, I can easily tote it in my purse, which really comes in handy when I need to de-lint at work.    The Lilly brush also worked REALLY well to remove a small patch of pet hair from furniture.

The Lilly Brush retails for $12.95.  I think they should reconsider their marketing, as it worked well for every BUT saving my sweaters from pills and fuzz (which is what it is marketed for).  If you are someone who is constantly battling with pet hair on your clothes and/or furniture, or just want something to stash in your purse to remove lint, it is a good alternative to disposable lint rolls.

The Lilly Brush is available in classic red and graphite gray and can be purchased HERE.

Disclaimer: Lilly Brush was sent to me at no cost for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Quote of the Week

Source Unkown

May Favorites

It's been a while since I did a monthly favorites post.  It hasn't been because a lack of products that I am enjoying.  In fact, I have been using a good deal of products that I really like.

Bioderma - This cleansing water cleans, removes make-up and soothes the skin.  I usually use it as a make-up remover/precleanse before I wash my face, however it can also be used as a stand alone cleanser.  And the non-rinse formula makes it perfect for those mornings that you are in a rush, or those late nights when you just need to wash your face and go to bed.

Bioderma is not available in the US, but you can find it on Amazon.  I bought it through this seller.

beautyblender blendercleanser - I can not live without my beautyblender.  It is the only tool I have been using to apply my foundation, but it gets FILTY.  I usually just use brush cleaner to clean my blender.  I had received a sample of the blendercleanser a while back in my birchbox and really liked it and found that it cleaned by blender better than brush cleaner.  I just never got around to buying it.  I then received a bottle (along with a replacement beautyblender) in my PopSugar Must Have May box and my beautyblenders have never been cleaner!

Pink Chiffon Hand Cream, Bath & Body Works - This smells amazing!  I have had the Pink Chiffon Triple Moisture Body Cream for a while now and just had to buy the hand cream when I spotted it at the store.   I only wish this scent came in a candle.

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer - My lips tend to get really dry.  I was using EOS lip balms, but they seemed to make my lips even drier.  LypSyl is a great when my lips need instant moisture.

A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm, Soap & Glory - This keeps my lips soft and adds a pretty coral gloss.  

Microplane Foot File - This is hands down the best foot file I have ever used to file off dead skin. Microplane started as a wood working tool, until a Canadian housewife started using her husband's Microplane in the kitchen.  Now, Microplane uses that same quality steel to create a line of foot files. 

Concealer Stick, NYX - This glides on smoothly, is very creamy, is waterproof, and lasts longer than most high end concealers that I have tried.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder - There is a reason why this product has been a cult classic favorite since it hit the market in 1935.  It keeps my face shine free for at least 10 hours.  I use just a tiny amount to set just the spots where I use concealer because it can be a little too full coverage/cakey but my make-up is not going anywhere under this.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - For the areas that I don't use the Coty Airspun Powder, this is a great setting powder. 

Watt's Up, Benefit - This is just a deluxe sample size that I received from Sephora as my birthday gift this year.  The smaller size is perfect to highlight my brow bone.  

Garnier BB Cream & Boscia BB Cream - I have mentioned both of these BB Creams in the past as they are my favorites.  I have be using both a lot on the weekends during the days when I am running errands or even just out and about.  I get a really nice finish when I layer them, using the boscia cream on the bottom and then applying a small amount of the garner cream on top.