Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Lusts

Graphic Image does some really luxurious leather goods.  I really love that they wrap some timeless reads in leather.  They offer titles from How to Kill a Mockingbird, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and Vogue Covers.  You can even get a leather bound Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

I envision this platter from Anthropologie on my vanity to display cosmetics and other beauty essentials.

I almost bought the Limited Edition Aqualillies Inspired Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye And Cheek Palette by Tarte at Sephora the other night.  Everything about it is absolutely gorgeous and with a blush, bronzer, highlighter and 6 shadows I think it would be perfect for a summer getaway without needing much of anything else.  I regret not buying it when I had it in my hands.

Nail polish chips on me really fast, so I have been getting gel manicures.  The problem with gel is I am limited to color options and I can't easily switch it up on my own.  The salesman at Sephora told me that this was an amazing top coat that offers gel like shine and extended wear.

I am a sucker for pouches and bags and just about all kinds of containers in general.  I saw Kikic's decorative zipper "glam bags" on Rachel Talbot's recent packing video and of course I want them. I think they will be so cute for traveling and storing different things.

I just splurged on an expensive handbag this past winter and now want the LV Neverfull GM.  I think it would be a great carry all for work and travel, and since I tend to carry a lot more than I need, the GM would be a dream for me!

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