Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Finds

I want to be Kendra Kay.  She is in interior designer, has a great sense of style, and is so funny.  Her posts put me in stitches!  I love her recent tales of jury duty.

UK Blog > Miss Makeup Magpie
I love reading UK beauty blogs and learning of all the products not available here in the states.  While it makes me a bit jealous, I'm so intrigued by the products.  I love that Gemma's blog features an equal mix of high-end brands with drug store brands.  She offers many practical suggestions and tips in terms of product choices.

Another blog from across the pond - I tend to find a lot more beauty blogs from the UK then here in the states.  Poppy is cute as a button and I love all the photos she uses in her product reviews.  I especially loved her recent How much is my face worth post

While Urbanic Paper Boutique is just a pop-up shop, there official site is launching soon.  The pop-up shop has so many cute paper goods that I can't wait to see what the full site offers.

I was recently contacted by MIKOUX Scarves regarding their absolutely gorgeous 100% silk scarves.  Each of their scarves features a feminine image that creates a beautifully colored pattern when wrapped around your neck. 

The B Bar combines two of my favorite things; cocktails and blogging.  Their site offers a variety of different ebooks for bloggers and businesses with topics on accounting and media kits for bloggers to how businesses can work with bloggers to get the word out about their brand. 

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