Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Reflection

A Patriot is defined as one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.  It is a term deeply rooted in the history of Boston and celebrated across the Bay State each April. 

Patriot’s Day, or Marathon Monday as it is more commonly called, has always symbolized the beginning of spring for me.  For some reason, that 3rd Monday of April always seems to be the day I start to notice the trees budding and flowers blooming. 

Even in the middle of the harshest winter, I would think of driving down the Marathon route on my way home from work, putting myself in that day. The ground covered in orange rinds, water cups and sponges as the remaining runners make their way towards Heartbreak Hill.  It’s the one-day that I don’t mind the drive home as I drive down Commonwealth Avenue. I imagine what the energy was like just hours before and wonder what the day has been like for the runners and what the next 6 miles would bring them. 

I can't remember a Patriot's Day where the sun wasn't shining and there wasn't so much energy in the city that you can't help but feel a sense of excitement and pride to be a part of something bigger then yourself.

This year someone tried to take that away from us.  Someone tried to dampen our spirits.  Lives were lost, people were injured and the city we call home will never be the same. 
But our spirit is not broken.  Through this travesty has come a greater sense of community and pride to be a Bostonian.  And if you have ever experienced singing Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park you may have never thought a greater sense of pride was possible. 

In an article posted on Linked In on Tuesday Glenn Kalman, the author, wrote  "Until I'd run the Boston Marathon, I had no idea that an entire city could, without calculation or reservation, express so much love."   

We will never lose that love.

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