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Liebster Award

I am very excited to have been nominated for a Liebster Award from Courtney of All Things Unpredictable & Chic.  If you don't know what a Liebster Award is, it is an award given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.  It is awarded to blogger from other bloggers.  While I had known about the award for some time, having just been nominated, I was very interested in finding out more about the origin and history of the award.

There is not much information on the origin of the award, although many sources indicate that it originated in Germany, which seems probable as the term Liebster is said to mean "dearest" in German.      The earliest mention of Liebster award that I can find is from a German blogger in 2010.  Some of the rules have seemed to change over the years.  From what I read, the award was originally intended for bloggers under 3000 followers and you only nominated 3-5 blogs in return.

Accepting the award comes with a few rules. You must post 11 Random things about yourself. You must answer the 11 questions the person that nominated you asked.   You must then create 11 questions for the 11 bloggers you must then nominate.  You can not nominate the person that nominated you.   I don't know this for certain, but I would also imagine that you can't nominate someone that has already accepted the award, as they would have a similar post as their last one.  

I am going to bend the rules a little it here.  (I know! I know!)  I am not going to nominate anyone.  I am not trying to be selfish, but I went through most of the blogs that I subscribe it and it seemed like everyone had already won the award.  So, I am guess I am just a little too late to the party.  Instead, I am going to do what Cassie of Thrift Thick did when she was nominated, and just mention some of my favorite blogs with under 200 followers, whether they were ever nominated or not.  So with that being said, I'll try to adhere to the rest of the rules . . .

Eleven Random Facts

1. I hate talking on the telephone.  Even when I was younger I never sat on the phone for hours with friends.  I would call, tell them what I needed to tell them, and say goodbye.

2. I collect buttons.  I really don't know why.  I don't sew.  I have just always saved the excess buttons that come with sweaters and jackets and have a large jar of them.I think it has something to do with my grandfather because he did the same thing. He had old cookie tins full of buttons. 

3.  I hate flying but love traveling.

4. I have a lazy eye, but you probably wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it you and even then, you might not see it.  I also have a scar across the opposite eye from falling and needing stitches as a kid.

5. I am constantly bare foot. Even in the dead of winter I will be walking around the house in bare feet.   

6. I don't cry during movies or television shows.  Grey's doesn't get to me.  I didn't cry at the end of Marley and Me.  

7.  I went to Catholic School from Kindergarden through the 12th grade.  I never want to wear another uniform . . . ever!

8.  I love onion and could eat it like an apple.

9.  My middle name is Rose after my grand aunt Rose. For some reason, people love to use either my full name or just Rose when talking to me.

10. I don't have a favorite color, a favorite food, or a favorite song.  I do, however, have a favorite movie; Shag.  My friends and I went to Myrtle Beach when we were younger because of that movie.

11.  I feel the need to alphabetize everything.  I also prefer even numbered lists so the fact that these rules call for 11 of everything is killing me!  

Courtney's 11 Questions for me

1.     Explain how your blog came about.

I have always been hugely interested in various beauty products; always trying out something new.  My friends and family are always asking my opinion on different products. I had been following a number of blogs and one day just figured I should start blogging about the different products I have tried.  The original concept for my blog was to be a beauty blog, but it kind morphed into other areas.

2.     What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I have never really been one to keep a journal or diary, so I guess my blog is kind of like that for me.  For the first time, I have a documented account of a part of my life.

3.     What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since beginning your blog?

Not everything bores me.  That probably sounds worse than I mean.  I usually get bored of things easily and just forget about them.  The fact that I have been at it for over 8 months now if kind of impressive for me.  

4.     What or who inspires you?

Other bloggers.  I am constantly reading other blogs and getting ideas for my own.  I read something that someone else is doing and think "I want to do that."

5.     What’s your favorite season?

Fall, although it is always a bit bittersweet as I know a cold harsh winter is looming ahead.  

6.     What fashion pieces do you consider a must-have for every closet?

I don't necessarily believe that there are certain pieces that every closet needs, as everyone has different lifestyles and their closet should reflect that.  For me personally though my must-haves are a pair of long jeans I can wear heals with, a wedges, a structured tote and layers (scarves, cardigans, etc.)

7.     What beauty product could you not live without?

Dry Shampoo.  I used to think I had to wash my hair every day (sometimes even lathering and repeating) but now I only wash it 2 or 3 times a week.  I actually despise washing my hair (it is such a chore) so dry shampoo is one thing I can not live without.  

8.     What does your dream home look like?

I always wanted a house with a large wrap around porch and a huge kitchen.  I always loved the kitchen that the Osbournes had on their reality show.  It was large enough for a couch area.  I always wanted a kitchen with a couch.  That and a large bathroom with a separate room with the shower & toilet.  As long as it has that, I wouldn't be picky.  

9.     If you could switch lives with anyone (from the past or current day) who would it be and why?

That is a tough one.  I honestly don't know.  

10. What would be your tip for new bloggers?

Write about what you love and it will come easy.

11. Describe yourself in five words.

Funny, sarcastic, smart, moody, forgetful 

 And now here are some of my favorite blogs with under 200 followers that I read religiously. 

Demure in Diamonds

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  1. Congratulations on winning the Liebester award (it's such a fun recognition and your blog so, so deserves it!) And awh, I'm so happy my blog is one that you read religiously!:D I read yours faithfully as well girlie (it's just so inspirational and fabulous!!)

    Happy Friday darling!!


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