Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest Post: Fannie of Living Life in...PINK

Hi Everyone!  Today I am featuring a guest post from Fannie at Living Life in...PINK.  Fannie is a ballerina from Louisiana and today she tells us all about her life as a dancer.  

Enjoy . . . .

LOVE living's just the bestest gift ever!!:D

i started dancing when i was a wee little one of 2 yrs. old; after having 2 boys before me, my mom could not wait to put her baby girl in a pale pink tutu!:) as i got older, my ballet training became more intense and i spent my summers training with various companies throughout the U.S. (new york, san antonio, nashville, and houston). and now i dance and teach for brbt (baton rouge ballet theatre) and they are so wonderful!  i think i have one of the funnest jobs in the world: i teach ballet to 3, 4, and 5 year old kiddies!!! ah, i just love babies and to be able to spend time during the week teaching them the art that i'm most passionate about means so, so much to me; and they just crack me up....working with kids is just wonderful because they always keep me laughing, smiling, and they are constantly melting my heart (sweethearts i tell you!). 

my days consist of me attending school in the mornings and in the afternoon i go and teach my sweet little ballerinas, and then take ballet and yoga classes during the evening to keep up my training (and then occasional rehearsals after class for upcoming performances). i feel like i'm constantly on the go between school and ballet, but it's so worth all the exhaustion! i try to keep up a pretty healthy diet, too, (a part from giving in to my ice cream cravings-haha) of mostly salads and lean meats and yogurt (for calcium to keep strong bones for injury prevention)! so this is pretty much the life of this ballerina!!:)

i would love to have y'all stop by over at my blog Living Life in....PINK! and thank you so, so much sweet deana for allowing me to guest post for you...your the best girlie!! 

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