Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week in Photos

As if you needed a reason to devour Pepperidge Farm cookies, now they have a line of dessert shop cookies that include the most scrumptious carrot cake cookies.

I have been furniture shopping the past two weekends and saw this gem hidden in a corner.

On the way home from furniture shopping this morning, I made a detour through one of the cemeteries in my neighborhood.  This particular cemetery is the largest in Boston and one of the oldest.  E.E Cummings, Eugene O'Neill, and Reggie Lewis are among many of the known figures buried there. The grounds are gorgeous with a lake and narrow winding roads; I was amazed that I had never been there before despite living just blocks away.  I always wondered where the ringing bells come from that I wake up to every Sunday morning until I found the bell tower across from one of the entrances.  I am so intrigued by the history there that I grabbed a map to plan out my next visit. 

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