Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surviving Nemo

Hi Everyone!  As I mentioned in my post on Friday, a blizzard hit the Northeast this past weekend.  (Some are referring to it as Nemo based on the name given by the Weather Channel) I have been hunkered down for the last few days at home.  The storm hit on Friday and into Saturday dropping a reported 25 inches where I am.  I really thought it was going to give me lots of free time to blog and catch up on some work, but it has been a very long 72 hours around here and I haven't been able to do much of either.  

The winds were so bad on Friday during the storm that I really thought we were going to lose power or that my windows were going to come crashing in.  (I actually started devising a game plan in my head in the event that that happen - thank god it didn't because my plan sucked)  I tried to stay off all electronic devices (laptop, phone, iPad) and leave them charging in case I did in fact lose power. (Thankfully that didn't happen either) I did use the time to clean out drawers, move stuff to storage and go through all my old make-up.  (Now I have an excuse to go to Sephora)

The storm ended at about noon yesterday which left SOOO much to be cleaned-up.  I shoveled most of the day yesterday and with aching bones then did nothing but nothing today.  

I am actually really looking forward to getting dressed and going to work tomorrow!  

Shortly after the storm ended we were lucky to get some sunshine yesterday and today, so I was able to sneak in some product photos.   I hope (fingers crossed) to get them in posts this week.

If you are in the Northeast, I hope you stayed safe this weekend.  What were the snow totals where you live?

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