Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Lusts

May Book - May Designs offers these adorable custom books  You choose the pattern, monogram, and even a choice of inside pages.  If I didn't already have like 20 agendas and notebooks, I would ordering on in rose mint pronto!

Some year back Bath and Body Works sold Hendri Bendel's amazing line of candles.  To this day, I remember just how amazing the vanilla bean smelled.  While I haven't own the candle in years, it is still one of my absolute favorite scents.

Sophisticato Travel Wallet, Marc by Marc Jacobs - I really want a wallet to use while traveling to put my passport, boarding pass, cards and cash.

Gracie Rose Ring, Kitsy Lane


  1. I love the Old Navy cardigan! I have been looking for a floral cardigan for a while now :)


  2. oh my... i love literally everything you wrote about in this post. the may book idea is amazing, that cardigan is beautiful, that marc jacobs travel wallet is too cute, and that henri bendel candle is perfect!! <3

    rachel x


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