Monday, February 4, 2013

Mini Haul

I don't normally post hauls as I would rather use the product first so that I can review them, but I got a few things over the weekend that I am very excited about and just can't wait to share. 

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation was on my lust list a couple of weeks ago.  I keep reading about it on various blogs and was eager to try it out for myself.  I have only used it once since buying it at Target on Saturday.  So far I can say that I wish it had a pump as it was a little tricky dispensing it, but for $8 I can't complain too much about that.  As far as the foundation itself, I really need to use it more before forming an opinion on that.

I went to Ulta needing a new dry shampoo.  I usually use Batiste, but wanted to try a more higher end brand.  I had tried an Oscar Blandi dry shampoo before but found the application to be a bit cumbersome.  Since this one is a spray and doesn't leave any white residue, I figured I would give it a try.  I ended up getting the Pronto Texture & Volume Kit that included the Pronto Invisible Volume Dry Shampoo,  Texture & Volume spray, and Pronto Styling Pin for $35.  I also had a 20% off coupon for Ulta saving me an extra $7, so I couldn't pass it up.

I had no idea the Naked Flushed palette from Urban Decay even existed until I saw it at Ulta.  It has a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one palette.  While I am not a huge fan of the Naked eyeshadow palettes, this is AMAZING!  I have used it a number of times since purchasing it and absolutely love it!  The bronzer is not the most pigmented of bronzers, but I like that.  It lets me contour without my bronzer being so obvious. The blush, however, is very pigmented and I have to be careful not to use too much.  If you have the Naked Basics palette, it is the sam plastic packaging, but A LOT easier to open the the Basics.  (I usually end up having to pry that one open)  The Flushed palette has an easy to open/close magnetic grip.  I am probably the most excited about this and will most likely do a review with swatches soon.

What do you think of hauls?  Love them?  Hate them?  I don't typically post them, as I can't really say much about the products until I use them.  I know I love to see what others are buying and would do more if you want to see them.

 Disclaimer: All products listed were purchased  by me.  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the products listed in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.    

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