Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When I was 12 I wanted eyeglasses so bad.  I thought it was so cool and grownup to wear glasses that I begged my mother to take me for an eye exam, even complaining that I couldn't see the blackboard very well in school.  There was truth to it, but I just really wanted glasses.  About a week after my first eye exam, I had my first pair of prescription eyeglasses and have been wearing glasses ever since.

When wearing glasses your makeup is just as important as any other day.  Don't neglect your eye makeup, but don't go too over the top either.  You want to subtly accentuate the eyes making them stand out from behind your glasses.  I used to think that no one noticed my eyes behind my glasses, but have since I changed that way of thinking.  I like to stay with a neutral eye with just a slight bit if glimmer on the lid and thin black liner on my top lash line.  (I go very thin on the liner)  I then curl my lashes applying a volumizing mascara and fill in my brows.  I also like to use a nude color liner on my bottom water line.  This makes your eyes appear larger which is especially important when wearing glasses for nearsightedness as depending on the power of your prescription, the lens can make your eyes appear smaller than they are.  To balance off the look, I like to use a bright color on my lips.

I buy a good majority of my makeup online.  I love the ease of turning on my computer ordering the items I am out of or want to try and not having to rush to the store.  And now I can even buy my glasses online as easily as I bought the eye make-up I pair with them.

GlassesUSA.com has a great selection of eyeglasses that fit any budget.  With prices starting under $40  (including lens) not only can you find cheap eyeglasses, but with their new virtual mirror feature, you can try on any pair virtually.  I had so much fun with this! 

GlassesUSA.com is giving my readers 15% off AND free shipping on orders over $50 with coupon code FS15, or 10% off any order of prescription glasses (no minimum purchase required) with code Blog10.

Disclaimer:  While this is a sponsored post  by GlassesUSA.com, all options expressed are my own.

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  1. I, too, had fun writing my review! I started wearing glasses at an early age and while i detested it that time, I am glad that I can pick fashionable frames to make it look cute even when serving a necessity. I haven't tried buying from them but if I would, they're definitely the first ones I would order from. The Virtual Mirror is so handy and fun!


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