Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things

It has been a long few weeks.  I have been working late most nights, not giving me a lot of time to do much of anything on weeknights so when the weekend comes I try to catch up on any other errands and tasks that I wasn't able to do during the week.  When that happens, I always try to take small moments to indulge in some of my favorite things, whether it is a favorite show or just the scent of my favorite candle.  

Here are my top five favorite things right now.

Vanderpump Rules - I am a sucker for Reality TV, especially shows set in gorgeous surroundings with a gorgeous cast.  Yes I know its shallow, especially when the story line is who slept with who, but it is my guilty pleasure.  And I can't wait to find out if Stassi and Jax get back together.

I was talking to coworker recently about things to give up for Lent, when they suggested chocolate.  I told them that was impossible since Easter is prime Cadbury Mini Eggs season.

Pink Sands has been my favorite sent lately.  I have it in my car, in my bedroom and in my office.  Despite the cold temperatures and the snow on the ground, the scent brings me to to a warm tropical place.

I drank a lot of coffee while I was house bound last week due to the blizzard.  Whenever there is a fresh layer of snow on the ground, I want nothing more then to cozy up with a hot cup of coffee.  I almost went through an entire bottle of Coffee Mate White Chocolate Caramel Latte Creamer and have been looking to get my hands on another bottle ever since.

I am sitting here in an empty room with no furniture other than my bed and nightstand, and boxes lining the walls.  I ordered new bedroom furniture that is scheduled to be delivered on Saturday.  All week I have been planning other "touches" that I need and have been scouring As soon as my furniture is delivered on Saturday, I am off to IKEA for this and this and maybe this.

What are some of your current favorite indulgences?


  1. Now I want to smell the candles, at the moment my favourite indulgences would be Tarantino Films and Melanie Laurent!

  2. The whole "Real Housewives of..." and "Vanderpump Rules" is my favorite (secret) thing to watch too! :)

  3. Um idk how people don't like reality tv! It's literally so entertaining! Love love love vanderpump rules. We were watching the tv in our break room at work yday and some of the other nurses were like "um are we watching Maury" response "clearly y'all have been missing out!!"


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