Friday, January 11, 2013

Week in Photos

I "tried" to take real photos this week as I really want to use more original photos. I usually use my iPhone because it is so easy.  I want a DSLR but until then I need to learn more about the settings/filters of my Olympus SZ-10.

I usually always wait until the Epiphany to take down my Christmas tree and this year was no different.  I was so sad boxing up the ornaments last weekend.  The tree is just so pretty and it lights up, why can't it stay up all year round???

I found my two favorite Tootsie Roll flavors in one package at CVS this week.  I bought 2 bags of Vanilla & Cherry Tootsie Rolls, brought them into work and within 2 days they were devoured.  I like to think my coworkers ate them but I am pretty sure I polished off a bag on my own.

I cut my hair this week!  I was originally going to cut about 5 inches but decided against it  just went for about 3.  It was the end of the Summer since I last cut my hair so I was in desperate need for a cut.  It is so much better and I actually have real layers back.  (The photo on the right is my 'before' and the left is my 'after.'  It was early morning when I took both and apparently I didn't even try to focus the camera)

I am not a crazy cat lady.  I swear!  But going through the pictures on my phone the other day, I found this from when my cat went to the hairdresser in September.

I was really trying for all original photos, but couldn't help but add this.  I never really understood Kelly Osbourne's pastel hair, and then I saw this photo and others from the same shoot, and it kind of makes sense.  She is so gorgeous and spunky that she could do no wrong!

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