Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week in Photos

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Ever since I was 16 and saw the musical on Broadway I have been in love with  the story, music and characters of Les Miserables.  When I heard that it would be coming to the big screen I could hardly wait to see it.  It was extremely difficult not breaking out in song when I saw it this week.  It was one of the best movies I have seen in a while.   I would be surprised if there are no Oscar Noms for this.

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Even though Christmas is just a not so distant memory, Cadbury Mini Eggs are starting to show up at CVS.  Not only are these delicious eggs of creamy chocolate the most amazing treat in the universe, but they 'usually' indicate that Spring is just around the corner.   I was luckily enough to snag a bag yesterday which, unfortunately for the eggs, I devoured within minutes!

I have felt a head cold coming on for just about the past week now.  It keeps sneaking back, no what what I try to do to combat it.  Because of this, I have been drinking a lot of tea.  There is just something about a hot cup of tea that makes everything just feel better.

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A new year, calls for new supplies and this transparent hole punch is ingenious. I have spend most of my work week finalizing reports and getting ready for the new year.  This would have at least made binding them easier.

I went to the mall early this morning and raved about how gorgeous it was out.  It was so sunny without a cloud in the sky.  I even think I may have called it warm and joked that I didn't need my coat.  Upon getting in the car , I had to chuckle that it was a 'balmy' 39°F.  I guess when it's around 15 degrees for a straight week when you leave your house in the morning  39°F is a heat wave!

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