Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Supplies for a New Year

When I was a child the beginning of a new school year excited me.  While most dreaded the end of summer, I saw it as  a new beginning and a fresh start to study harder, be more organized, and make more friends.  More importantly, it meant new school supplies!  

I have always had a love new office supplies and a new school year meant a new Trapper Keeper, 5 Star notebook, Lisa Frank folders, and a pen/pencil collection that would make Cher Horowitz jealous.  

Now 2 decades later, I still squeal upon entering Staples.  And just like going back to school, new supplies for a new year are a necessity.

Office Supplies
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  1. Thomas Paul Notepad Set - Notepads are a must for any office.  These are a stylish spin on the tradition legal pad without being too cutesy.
  2. Desk Dictionary in Brights Leather - While you can Google the spelling and definition of any word in the English language, there is something to be said about a gorgeous leather bound  dictionary on your desk or bookshelf.  I find myself grabbing my dictionary/thesaurus combo to check  for synonyms while reading.  If only it was as gorgeous as this dictionary from Graphic Image.
  3. Shuffle Calendar - You will never need to replace your calendar each year with this perpetual calendar.
  4. Kate Spade 2013 Desk Top Spiral Calendar - I like to keep a spiral bound calendar or agenda on my desk with the current date turned open.  Not only does it tell me what date it is, but I can jot down notes and to do lists for that particular day.  I recently ordered this exact calendar for 2013.
  5. These post-it and tape dispensers by Karim Rashid are so cute and look like little pebbles on your desk.  I have both in white and for the first time, I don't keep my dispensers hidden in a drawer.
  6. Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance - Since I am pretty sure most office buildings will frown upon lighting candles in the office, one way to fragrance the air is a reed diffuser.  Depending on your company's fragrance policy and the proximity of others around you, a reed diffuser is one way to personalize your space with the scents of home.  (Please be mindful that some offices have policies on fragrance in the workplace, and if you are in a shared space some may be sensitive and/or not share the same fragrance choices as you.)
  7. These pens from iomoi have the look of a number 2 pencil and come in gorgeous designs and colors.  
  8. ClipNote, Levenger - This little clip is a great place to store notes, mail, business cards or any other small scraps that clutters up your desk.
  9. A to Z Bookends - Bookends are an essential to any bookcase.  When I first moved into my office I inherited a bookshelf complete with simple ugly steal bookends.  It wasn't long before I switched them out with similar bookends to this cute duo from Design Ideas.
  10. 3-piece One Day at a Time Notepad Set - You can never have too many notepads.  The gold edge on these make them a great choice for a thank you note to a colleague or to glam up a to-do list.
  11. Sleep Hollow Pencil Cup - There is nothing uglier than the black plastic desk organizer most companies provide.  I prefer to use a cute cup for my desktop essentials.  I am currently using an inexpensive mercury glass votive holder from Target, but would love to upgrade to this pencil cup from Anthropologie.
  12. Personalized Paperweight, iomoi - I love paperweights.  I feel so grownup with them out on my desk and they keep all my "piles' neatly organized.  

Since most of us spend 40+ hours a week at work, with the majority of that time in our office or cubical, it is an investment in yourself to personalize your workspace.  Personally speaking, I am most productive and enjoy what I am doing when my surroundings and supplies reflect my own personal style.  With the new year here, now is the best time than ever to reinvent your workspace.

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Disclaimer:  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the products featured in this post.  All comments expressed are my own and based on my own personal style.  


  1. I LOVE those pens. I think I may need them.

  2. I defiantly need a new planner/calender....I feel like I have no idea what I am doing or what day it is!!


  3. great ideas! it's so nice to see someone so organized and prepared for the new year :)


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