Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Faves

I pondered for a unique name for this but came up short, so I am going with the grain here and calling it Friday Faves, because after all, it is some of my favorite things . . . around the web that is.  

I often joke that I have reached the end of the information superhighway but in reality there is so much more that I have yet to uncover.  As a blogger I spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, SHOPPING, reading magazines, pinning, etc. etc. Since I find so many great sites, why don't share them with the world?  

Each week I will be bringing you some of my faves. So without further ado, lets just get right into it . . . 


I actually work with Kathleen of 30 Before 30.  We were kind of forced into being friends when we were tasked with attending a bunch of networking events together, and now she practically has her own chair in my office.   I love reading her witty chronicles of accomplishing her 30 before 30 list.

Mix and Match Fashion  is one of the very first blogs I started reading consistently.  I love Tara's use of color and fun patterns.

Not only is Ellie gorgeous, but her blog is so authentic and sweet.  She has some really fabulous photos and her posts are so well written.

I just discovered Dressing Room Diaries last night and immediately went back and read through all her posts.  She is hysterical!  After I read her "About Me" I started following before even reading any posts.


I just recently discovered essie-button.  She is originally from Canada but now lives in England with her boyfriend.  Not only is she so cute and does great beauty videos (she also has a blog), but I loved her boyfriend tag. They are just such a cute couple.  I didn't want the video to end.  

Jenna Marbles - I apologize in advance if you think she is crude, but she makes me laugh.  I look forward to Wednesday when she posts new videos


I first heard of  Alex of HRH COLLECTION through her YouTube channel and blog.  One of the first things I noticed about her was her fantastic jewelry.  She always wears these really great chain link pieces.  Well, Alex designs her own jewelry and sells them on SHOP WITH HRH.   I wear my gold Ultra Luxe Bracelet constantly!

I feel like this is a no brainer and almost feel like I am cheating claiming this as a weekly favorite, but Etsy is that fantastic.  I love finding little treasures that no one I know has and Etsy is a mecca for that.  It's like being at an online flea market where everywhere you turn is a handcrafted gem.  

I am not shy about my fascination with office supplies.  If you read my recent post on the subject, you know its an obsession that goes back to grade school.  See Jane Work has the cutest, most stylish supplies that I just have to have on my desk

I could go on forever about the blogs, YouTube channels, and other websites that I am loving, but I'll save some for next week.  What are some of your favorite site?

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Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed in this post are of my own.  I am not be compensated for mention of any of the sites or brands mentioned in this post.

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  1. When I read this, I almost died! I am super flattered to be mentioned in your Friday Faves! :D I also love Essie-Button's blog!


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