Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A winning combination: Jeans, Ruffles and Blazer

One way to add an element of polish to jeans is to add a well fitted blazer.  A great blazer paired with the right accessories can turn a look from casual to chic.  To go one step further and really pull a look together,  I love adding a feminine ruffled blouse.

Blouse & Blazer

Navy and red are too of my favorite colors to pair together.  I probably wear the combination at least once a week, if not more.  Since the wash of the jean and navy blazer are so close in color, the red really adds a pop of color to mix up an otherwise somewhat monochrome outfit.  

Blouse & Blazer Casual

While these jeans are slim through the thigh and leg, the flair helps to balance the look from being too top heavy.  Since everything is so simple and classic, (with just a slight edge with the skull earrings) I love the thought of finishing off the look with flats.

Blouse & Blazer Cuffed

In order to pull off the cuffed distressed jeans with more traditional pieces, you really need one another piece that is just a little sassy and funky but ties in the more classic pieces as well.  I think this hot pink chiffon blouse with the dramatic row does just that.  It goes well with the jeans, but can also just as easily blend with the more classic blazer and accessories, tying everything in nicely.

What do you think of the jeans, ruffled blouse and blazer look?

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