Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A cup of tea in the afternoon?

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.  ~Author Unknown

I am a huge coffee drinker.  I can't get through the work day without at least 2 cups (okay maybe 3 cups) of coffee.  My boss won't even talk to me in the morning until I have consumed at least 8 oz.  While I still enjoy my morning (and mid morning) cup of coffee, I have found myself drinking more tea during the late afternoon and even before bed.  

Tea is one of those things that I can't stop at just one cup, so I usually like to make a small pot and leave it out on my desk or coffee table.  There is something about a cute little pot sitting there that is so refined and pretty and makes it all that more enjoyable.

When I was a kid, my mother had this beautifully hand painted pot that she would steep tea  in when I came home from school.  Before I started any homework we would drink tea and eat gingersnaps.  I think it was that painted teapot that started my love for this timeless piece. 

Here are some that I would gladly have on my table.

February Teapot by Yellena James - To celebrate their 50th Anniversary Crate and Barrel is featuring a different artist design of their best selling Azberg Teapot each month.  This one is one of my favorites in the collection.

White Elephant Tea Pot - An elephant with its truck up is said to be good luck, so why not have a little luck with your tea???

Imperial Blue teapot - I have always loved blue and white china.  It is the epitome of traditional porcelain, so it only seems fitting to have it adorn a proper teapot.

Glassware Teapot - A more modern twist of a teapot, but I love the idea of the egg designed infuser that easily pulls to the surface.

Adagio Teapot - I have this same teapot in my office.  It is clean white ceramic and the perfect size for a few cups of tea in the afternoon.

Ruby Filigree Red Bone China Teapot - This actually comes as a full tea seat, which I am not gonna lie, makes me kind of want to have a tea party.

May Teapot by Sabine Reinhart - Another pot from the Crate and Barrel collection.  If it wasn't for the $200 a piece price tag of these, I would probably have to collect the full collection.  

On a separate note, thanks to everyone who entered my 2012 Favorites Give Away.  The lucky winner has been chosen by through Rafflecopter and notified.  I had so much fun doing the giveaway that I hope to do more in the coming months!


  1. Hi girlie!!
    I'm a huge tea and coffee drinker, and i also collect tea pots--go figure!!:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog love! And i'm so happy you did b/c i found your blog and i'm absolutely in LOVE with it!! I added you to my "blogs i love" page, and I was wondering if you would mind if i grabbed your button?? let me know please!
    So looking forward to more posts! Have a good day girlie!


  2. I have that elephant tea pot!!! I'm obsessed with elephants and will only buy them with the trunk up. My Grammy was Hindu as a kid and that's a huge superstition.


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