Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week in Photos

I got my Christmas Tree this week and just finished decorating it last night. 

Source: Joy's Hope

I have to admit, I do this.  Especially at work when I get an email or document from someone with a crazy font; I can't take them seriously.  

I went to a Tastefully Simple party earlier this month.  I had never heard of the brand, but it did not stop me from purchasing just about everything.  I got my order this week and devoured this s'more snack mix!

Source: Sliver of Ice

My company Holiday Party was this week. While everyone overall seemed to have a good time, I am kind of happy it is over.  It is a long day and one in which I plan every year starting as early as August/September.  Now that it is over, I can start my own holiday preparations.

Source: Pinterest

Even though it is December with snow expected in the forecast today in Massachusetts, I really want a pool.  How cool is this one made to look like a pond?!?!?!

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