Friday, December 21, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

It has been over two months since Target + Neiman Marcus revealed their collaboration, bringing 24 designers together for one holiday collection.  (See my original post HERE)  I eagerly waited a month and a half for the collection to hit store shelves only to be slightly disappointed to see it in the flesh.  Everything was exactly as pictured and priced in the promotional pictures, yet for some reason I was just kind of blah about. (And call me cheap, but I was just not that interested in spending $70 for a scarf from the same place I buy my laundry detergent.) By the vast availability of the collection 3 weeks later, I am left to wonder if others weren't wowed by it either, or if Target learned the err of their ways after the Missoni mishap left many shoppers (myself included) empty handed.  Needless to say most, if not all of, the collection is still widely available.  

Although I viewed the collection on each of my numerous trips to Target over the last three weeks (I really wanted to make myself love it) nothing wooed me enough to purchase until I decided to pick up the Rodarte Ornament for my tree last week.  It was $20, which was a little more than I wanted to spend on a single ornament but it is pretty and quite solid.  Plus, I view Christmas ornaments as somewhat of a collection so its something I will have for years.  I also ended up getting the Carolina Herrera Stationery Set as a last minute gift for work.  (They came in a gift box making them easy to wrap . . . I was sold!)  I thought they were journals but now find out they are notepads which makes me kind of what them for myself.  

Today I was in Target (like most, I LIVE at Target) and the Target + Neiman Marcus collection was 50% OFF!  That made the collection A LOT more appealing to me, so I ended up buying a few things.  Some of what bought I can't reveal because they are gifts (but let me tell you the Marc Jacobs Pouch is a steal for $35!) but one thing I can share are the Jason Wu Ornaments.  This was one thing from the collection that I had my eyes on from the start, however, there were other ways that I preferred to spend $50.  This trio of ornaments is gorgeous and now that I have them and able to see/touch them out of the box they are very high quality and stunning!  Whether you picked them up at full price, or find them at half off they would look great on any tree or make great gifts (separated or as the trio)

This trio comes with a solid red glass ornament, a white ornament with white lace appliqué, and a clear glass ornament with black lace appliqué.  Each ornament is detailed with golden metal floral finials and crystals. 

I have a somewhat obsession with tree ornaments and add new ones every year.  I am somewhat proud of my collection, but these might just be my new favorites.

The Rodarte Ornament is just as gorgeous, but the Jason Wu's are my favorites!

If you are in Target this weekend getting in some last minute shopping, check out the collection now that it is 50% off.  You can also snag some deals on Target's website.

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Disclaimer: All products listed were purchased  by me.  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the products listed in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.    

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