Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Lusts

 Canon Rebel T3, Red - I just got a new camera in February but it was before I started blogging so now I want something a little more advanced for better picture taking.

Chevron Mono Mug, Jill Rosenwald Studio

Weekly & Monthly Vintage Planner, Anthropologie - Rather an a wall calendar, I prefer to keep a planner out on my desk instead.  Whether it is just to view the coming days, week, month, or to dot down notes it is less bulky and prettier than traditional wall or stand calendars.

1969 Long & Lean Jeans, Gap - I wore Long & Lean jeans from the Gap throughout college and forgot about them.  I really like the leg on these.

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  1. I just got the Canon T3i Rebel. But not in red!! It's a great camera. I love it! But be sure to go up at least one level from the base model. For the extra 150 you get a ton more!


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