Monday, November 12, 2012

What's in My Bag: Sister Edition

I love seeing what other people woman keep in their purses.  In fact, "what's in my bag" posts are often my favorite blog posts that I read.  I was very excited when after reading my What's In My Bag post my very own sister shared her contents with me.  I thought I kept a lot of things in my purse.  Danielle's bag takes the cake!  

Check out the content of her purse after the jump!

  1. Tory Burch Nylon Ella Tote - This was a birthday gift last year from my dad.  I love this bag and have used it for work, as a carry-on bag when traveling, and beach/pool bag.  The sides can snap together to make it more compact.
  2. Coach Arbella Sunglasses - These are perscription sunglasses, and the frames seem outdated to me.  I am looking for new basic black frames to have my prescription lenses placed into. 
  3. Missoni for Target Cosmetic Case - I think I got this for about $6 or $7 on clearance.  I am a huge Missoni fan, and this case is perfect to throw in my purse/work bag.
  4. Miscellanous  (L to R/T to B)
    • Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me - I love these lip balms; this one is actually pretty pigmented. 
    • Chantecaille Gloss in Charm - I love this brand.  I received this sample in a Birch Box, and really like this color.  It's a sparkly nude that you can throw on anywhere/anytime. 
    • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy - This is one of the more popular Coco Shine colors.  On me, it's a great nude for day & night.  I love the formula of these, in fact, this is the second one in Boy that I've got. 
    • L'Oreal Mythic Oil - I have wild crazy hair, so I usually carry some form of hair oil with me.  I think I got this in a Birch Box last year.  I like it enough, and it;s a good size to throw in my bag. 
    • Dior Addict Lip Maximizer - I love this gloss.  Another nude/pink color, and it doesn't make your lips feel like you just rubbed them in clove oil. 
    • Too Faced Perfect Lips Nude Lip Liner - I used this with almost every lipstick I have.  Often, I'll put this on my lips, and just some of the Dior Lip Maximizer over it.
  5. iPod Touch with Lucky Brand LOVE Case - I think this is a second generation iPod Touch?  It's pretty old and I think it will need to be replaced soon as it's been giving me trouble.  The case I got at Target a couple of years ago on Clearance for like $12.  I needed a case, and it was getting harder to find them for the older iPods, so I snatched this one up as soon as I saw it.
  6. iPhone 4S with Rebecca Minkoff Cassette Case - I previously got this case for full price ($48!), but it started peeling 2 days after I put it on my phone.  Luckily, Nordstrom has a great return policy, so I returned it, bummed because I really liked it.  I recently saw it on sale for $23, so I got it with the intention that if it started peeling again, it wouldn't be that big of a deal because it was cheap.   
  7. Pen/Notebook/Moleskin 2012 Calendar 
  8. Mentos Gum 
  9. Work Pager 
  10. Kate Spade Cheetah Wallet (Similar Here)- I love this wallet and receive so many compliments on it.  I hardly ever buy wallets (maybe every 3 years or so), so when I do, I try to buy a nice one.  I got this a couple of years ago at a Kate Spade sample sale for about $75.  I think it will need to be replaced within the next year or so, and that breaks my heart. 
  11. Kindle Keyboard - This was one of my favorite gifts ever.  I have read countless books on this.  It's fantastic for traveling.  I only have WiFi (no 3G), so I make sure I have enough unread books on there before I travel.
  12. BOSE AE2 Headphones - I carry these and a pair of Monster Beats earbuds with me back and forth to work.  About 90% of the time, I reach for the headphones because they don't irritate my ears the way earbuds usually can. 
  13. Miscellaneous (L to R/T to B)
    • Tums
    • Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow Body Lotion - I am constantly buying small travel sized lotions for my purse.  I have very dry skin, and have to apply every time I wash/sanitize my hands.  I love this smell, and I think it was $1 at the register a couple of months ago
    • MAC Mirror - I had a great compact that I lost.  I bought this from the MAC counter at Nordstrom for about $15 last year.  It's really convenient and not too bulky, so I can throw it in any bag I'm using at the moment.
    • Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing & Plumping Lip Balm - I love this lip balm.  I'm not usually a great fan of anything rose scented, but this isn't that offensive.  It does moisturize pretty well, but I don't find it "plumps".  I think it may have been a tad overpriced, but I prefer this formula over the Rosebud Lip Salve (which I find waxy).
    • Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer - I always have hand sanitizer with me.  I like these from Bath & Body Works because they're small enough to fit in any bag.
    • Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy - This lip balm is nice & cheap.
    • Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine - I really like this, but often forget I have it.  I love the smell, but if you don't like the smell of coconuts, you may find this offensive.  I like to use it when my hair is curly as opposed to straight.
    • EOS Berry Blossom Hand Lotion - This is ok, nothing fantastic.  It smells nice, and it was cheap.  Honestly, I bought it just because I thought the shape was cute.    

    What do you keep in your purse?  Comment below or link your blog post.

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