Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

For no other reason but the experience, I braved the crowds this morning and went to the mall at 12:30 am for Black Friday Shopping.  I didn't go with the intention to get huge deals and/or cross people off my Christmas shopping list, but I went to see what the hype was about.  

I have Black Friday shopped in the past, but never leaving my house in the middle of the night to shop when I should be sleeping.   Due to Blue Laws here in Massachusetts, stores can not open before Midnight on Friday.  While the mall opened at 12:30, Target did not open until 1 am.  

The Target in the mall I went to has two entrances; both had lines about 200 people deep when the mall opened.

We happened to be in the upper level when Target finally opened and stood watching as the  line made its way into the store.  It only took about 20 minutes for the entire line to file in.  The security guard did a great job at keeping the peace and stopping any line jumpers.  (it did call for great people watching as some persistently tried to jump the queue)

After a stop in Sephora for a few things (post to come soon) we made our way into Target. At that point there was no line waiting to get in, but checkout lines wrapped around the store to pay.  The Target staff did a fantastic job keeping order and keeping the lines moving.  Overall I think we only waited about 15 minutes in line.  

It was still the middle of the night when we left the mall, although you would have never known by the amount of people shopping.  There were more people shopping at 1 am in the morning than on a Saturday afternoon.  It was INSANE!

I went for the experience and see for myself just how crazy midnight shopping is.  I was able to grab a few things while I was there. (which I will share with you soon)  I didn't think the sales were that spectacular to stand in the kinds of lines that were outside some of the stores (Abercrombie was ridiculous).  At least I got it out of my system and will be able to get a good nights sleep next Thanksgiving.

 That being said, I am absolutely looking forward to Cyber Monday. (No Crowds!!)  If your like me and do a great deal of online shopping, sign up for for the best online shopping deals and trends.  And when you shop through eBates, you get a percent back on your purchases!!

And if you are out and about tomorrow holiday shopping, don't forgot to support your local business during  Small Business Saturday!  According to a study done by American Express, 93% of consumers believe it's important to support local small businesses in their communities, so show your love!

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  1. People get so crazy on Black Friday and I avoid it because of that but I went out today and it was intense so many people and the lines were torture haha

    I love the things in your shop such beautiful pieces!

    Thanks for stopping by and showing love. I appreciate your comment! It made my day!


  2. Wow, I'm so glad you posted pictures because I have never been Black Friday shopping, so I can live vicariously through them haha! Can't believe it really gets that crowded in the middle of the night! Looking forward to seeing your Sephora purchases :)

    xx Ellie 

  3. Wow MA had nice hours ... here in MN Target opened 9 pm (with me working on those hours) on the night of Thanksgiving to begin our Black Friday sales. Still though, it looks so much more crowded there.

    Thanks for checking out my blog :)


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