Monday, October 29, 2012

October GlossyBox

I received my GlossyBox last week.  It seems like GlossyBox USA is finally falling into a schedule.  For the first time I was billed the same time this month as I was last month (on the 10th) and received by box about 10 days later.

This month's box was themed Spa Luxe.  

GlossyBox delievers a unique experience of indulgences this month, ensuring you moment of beautiful, pure relaxation.  Break away from the daily grind and immerse yourself iin a luxurious array of treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  The combination of products, essential for a pampering Spa Luxe experience, are ideal for creating a send of well-being and the ultimate beauty oasis.

Here is what I received Alessandro Pedix Heel Rescue Balm, Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist, Carol's Daughter Shea Souffle, Heartland Fragrances Exfoliating Loofa Soap, and Modelco Lip Dou Lipstick and Ultra Shine Lip Gloss.

Alessandro Pedix Heel Rescue Balm - A perfect foot-care aid for dry, chapped feet imported exclusively from Germany.  When used regularly, the rich cream with MarinaVital complex provides lasting protection against calluses.  Full Sized (Pictured) $18.50/100ml 

 Six months into GlossyBox and they have already begun to recycle products.  I already received this product in my July GlossBox (only 3 boxes ago).  It is a nice everyday foot balm to maintain soft feet.  If your looking for something to soften hard heels, this isn't going to do that job.  

As in July, I received a 30 ml sample size. Due to the price of the full size product, this sample is valued at $5.55.

ALTERA Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist - An eco -certified shine mist made with Indian gooseberry and organic bamboo that controls frizz and flyaways.  It is a brilliant and weightless gloss for any hair type.  Full Sized (Pictured) $22.00/4oz 

This was a miss for me.  While it smells good, it did little for me to control frizz or add shine

I received a .85oz sample size. Due to the price of the full size product, this sample is valued at $4.68.

Carol's Daughter, Shea Souffle - A superbly rich and fast absorbing daily moisturizer containing Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Jojoba oil to help you reach your skin's optimal softness.  This shea souffle is non-greasy and free of parabens, mineral oil and artifical colors. Full Sized (Pictured) $20.00/8oz 

 I was so excited to see this in my GlossyBox this month.  This is a super rich cream that not only smells great, but works great at softening my skin.  I have been using  this on my dry elbows since I received it and today my elbows are soft and smooth.

The sample I received is just half the size of the full size product (4oz) making it a $10 value. 

 Heartland Fragrances Exfoliating Loofa Soap - A truly unique hand-poured loffa soap encased in gentle glycerin provides the perfect blend of moisture and exfoliation.  This soap is designed to increase circulation and is great or exfoliating.  Use on rough dry areas.  Full Sized (Pictured) $8.00/6oz 

I was a little hesitant to use this has I have not used a bar soap in years.  I was also afraid the loofah was going to hurt.  While it does feel a little stiff on the skin it really exfoliates very well.  I get little bumps on the back of my arms that are now practically gone.  I will definatly be purchasing this.  I received the blood orange (one of my favorite scents);however they come in tons of different varieties.

I received a full sized bar (an $8 value) 

ModelCo Lip DUO LipstiModelCo Lip DUO Lipstick & Ultra Shine Lip Gloss - Exclusive to GLOSSYBOX, a ultimate pairing in lip colour - a flawless, long-lasting lipstick & an intense beaming gloss.  Each may be worn separately or layered for an individually tailored hue. Full Sized (Pictured) $39.00/Lipstick .13oz Lipgloss .07oz

I don't usually even open the lipglosses I get in subscription boxes, only because I already have so many lip products that I like to give the glosses I get to friends and family.   This particular duo really intrigued me because not only does it have two great colors, but the base contains a mirror on the side eliminating the need to carry a compact Perfect, right??  Wrong!  While it is a great concept, it is poorly executed.  Both applicators are attached to the base; the same base the mirror is attached to so you can't apply the lipstick or lipgloss and look in the mirror at the same time.  Kind of pointless!  The colors are very pretty and ones that I would wear on a regular basis.  And while the mirror is lost on me, it does eliminate the need to carry a separate lipgloss and a lipstick.

I received a full size product making this a $39.00 value.

If I were to purchase the full sizes of all the products featured in my October GlossyBox it would total $107.50.  Given the sizes of each of these samples, my October GlossyBox  is a $67.23 value.

For more information on GlossyBox, visit their website HERE

Disclaimer: I purchased the GlossyBox on my own and am not being compensated.  All the opinions expressed are my own.   


  1. I'm thinking about trying glossy. I had birch box for a while and then discontinued it! This box was awesome!

    1. I really like Glossybox! It is a little pricey compared to Birchbox ($21/month), but you get some really good products and about 2 or 3 of them have been full size each month.

  2. Fun - a girl can never get too much of that to play with! :-)

  3. These boxes look great, I may have to indulge when I make the move over to Boston, these kind of tips are exactly what I am looking for! I can see I will be an avid reader of your blog! :D

    I don't know if you have tried Lush products before, but I can't get enough of them over here in ENgland. I have checked and there are shops in Boston, but I don't know if it's popular. I love that they are all handmade and individually made with love so to speak. I am also not much of a soap bar user, but once i gave this a try I just fell in love with it! Leaves you skin literally smelling and feeling good enough to eat!,en_US,pd.html?start=4&q=soap

    Julie x

    1. I have tried Lush products. We have a few in the Boston area! Everything smells so yummy there!!

      I have heard good things about Honey I Washed the Kids but have never tried it. I will have to pick it up next time I am there!



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