Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Influenster VoxBox Review

I received the fall Beauty Bloggers VoxBox from Influenster last week.   Influenster is a free to join online community of members who give opinions on various products.  As a contributing member of Influenster, you get the chance to share your knowledge and know-how with other like-minded people. One way is through testing products sent in the VoxBox.

I received 7 products (and one coupon) that include NYC New York Color® IndividualEyes Custom Compact, Kiss® Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit, Bath & Body Works® Mini Candle, EBOOST®, Goody ® Simple Styles Spin Pin, Not Your Mother's® Kinky Moves TM Curl Defining Hair Cream and Vitabath® Fragrance Mist.

NYC New York Color® IndividualEyes Custom Compact in Union Square (Retails for $4.99) - According to the enclosed card "This all-in-one compact comes with everything you need for a complete eye look: primer, illuminator, applicator and complementing shadows.  With four colors, specially coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color, you can even create a look as individual as you are.  Make your eyes pop!

 Union Square is created for Brown Eyes and is the exact colors that I normally go for - beiges, browns and plums.  The shadow itself was okay.  The plum is the only color that I found to be very pigmented.  I would have preferred the darker brown to have a little more color payoff.   I found the eye primer to be very comparable to higher end brandsI have extremely oily eyelids so shadow does not stay on me for very long.  This primer worked very well to matify my eyelids and make my shadow last throughout the day.  I even used this with my everyday cream shadow and it lasted hours longer that with my department store base.  I also really liked the illluminator.  Since it is a cream I was able to easily apply with my fingertips to the inner corners of my eyes.

For $4.99 I would definitely purchase this product.  Since is includes everything you need in one palette it would be great for easy travel.  

Kiss® Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit (Retails for $5.99) - According to the enclosed card "Bring the salon home with this eyelash starter kit, complete with eyelashes, adhesive and applicator.  This latex-free glue has a 24-hour hold, for lashes you can bat all day and all night."

I have not yet tried this product.  It is the only product from the box that I have not tried.  I am heading to Foxwoods with some friends in a couple weeks and I am definitely planning on packing these and will do a separate review when I do.  

 Bath & Body Works® Mini Candle in Black Pepper Bergamot (Retails for $3.50) -"Mini but mighty!  Bath & Body Works Mini Candles provide an amazing fragrance exclusively developed and tested by a team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers." Also include was a coupon to save $10 on  3-wick Bath & Body Works candle.

I am still on the fence with this scent.  I had smelled it in the store the week prior to receiving this and considered giving it try as it is not anything I would normally buy.  It is a very masculine scent that almost smells like a drugstore men's cologne.  I lit this last night and while I don't exactly hate it, I don't believe I would ever purchase it on my own nor would I probably burn it again.  

I do typically like Bath & Body Works candles.  They burn well and are very fragrant.  This scent is just not for me.

EBOOST, Orange (Retails for $28/20 effervescent powders, $39/30 effervescent powders, $39 for 12 shots)- "EBOOST® will boost your mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash.  As a shot or an easy-to-mix powder and in four flavors, you'll feel great whether you choose Orange, Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, or Super Berry"

If Orange Fanta were flat and watered down, EBOOST would taste just like it only with a really horrible after taste.  I gagged down 4 sips than gave up.  I can't comment on any of the benefits because I didn't drink much.  I am sure some might not mind the taste, but I couldn't stomach it.

Goody ® Simple Styles Spin Pin (Retails for $7.29) - According to the enclosed card "Never have the time for a great updo?  not anymore!  The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin allows you to easily achieve three chic updo style.  Simply twirl your hair up and spin the two Spin Pins in for a perfect undone bun, side bun or double bun!"

This was surprisingly easy to use and my bun was quite secure.  I typically like a fuller loose bun and this didn't really give me that look.  It would be great for someone that likes a traditional bun.  My only gripe about this product, which is on the end of Influenster and not Goody, is that I received a set for light hair when my hair is a very dark brown.

Not Your Mother's® Kinky Moves TM Curl Defining Hair Cream (Retails for $6.00/4 oz) - "Kinky Moves is infused with natural grape seed and jasmine to encourage natural curls and eliminate frizz and fly-aways"

I can't really say much for this product because I don't have curly hair.  I would have preferred to receive the other Not Your Mother's® product that Influenster was offering, Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. That being said, this smells AMAZING!  While I can't use this to shape curls, it did help eliminate the frizz in my hair so I would probably use it again.  My sister has naturally curly hair and said she uses this regularly.  I received a 1.5 oz size of this product.

  Vitabath® Fragrance Mist, Citron Leaves (Retails for $12) - "Vitabath presents a new line of lightweight Fragrance Mists in 16 fabulous scents.  This revitalizing, weightless formula is infused with conditioning vitamins and a unique antioxidant blend to keep your skin refreshed and happy.  Smell absolutely delicious with Vitabath!

When I first sprayed this on my skin I could really smell the alcohol in, but as it dried it had a very pleasant scent.  It is not as fragrant as I prefer.  This may be good for someone that does not like perfume but wants a more mature scent then some of the typical body mists.  I prefer perfume and probably won't use this.  I did spray it on my sheets as a linen spray and it smelled nice.  

Disclaimer: While these products were sent to me through Influenster for the purpose of review, all comments and opinions are my own.


  1. lol, I know exactly how you feel. EBoost is not tasty at all. lol. The lashes look fabulous. Can't wait to see them on. If you get a sec, I'm having a jewelry giveaway for my Fash collection. I'd love if you'd enter and check out my latest style column for Lauren Conrad's site. Thanks, love. xo


  2. You need to review more products- you were very thorough in that review.Very nice.


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